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Support from hubby...

ohhhh this is tough!!! you need to sit him down and ask him would he rather you as you are or would he like you to lose weight. MY OH is a fitness freak and plays football etc etc and though he has said he does not like me to be over weight every other diet i have been on he has always seemed to order takeaway or bring food home for me and him after he has been out. when i started lipotrim he wanted to go out and i told him fine but i'll be drinking water he started to protest so i stopped him and just said look you either want me to lose weight or you don't and he admitted that he would like me to lose weight so now i join him on nights out and he is happy to buy me water for the night. talk it out and stick to your guns i would say. or if you would rather have the meal and get straight back to it the next day its up to you but if you feel that your hubby is putting obstacles in the way of your diet don't let him!! make yourself happy jane!!
He just likes me the way I am, but I hate being bigger, I'm going to go but drink water and no meal, if I cheat on the first week and lose weight, it'll give me the heads up to cheat every week...


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My husband wanted me to lose weight as I was just going up and up. Also my fertility issues need me to lose weight as we are trying. He has been brilliant and even when I wanted to stop because I was thinking that a 2.4lbs loss a week was not worth the money, he said that even if all of his wages went on this diet he would not let that stop me.

You are doing your diet for you so you must let your husband know that you need him to be more supportive as this is what you have decided to do. You can do different things such as going to the cinema or walks or you can go to the pub and just sip sparkling water. This diet really requires willpower and support. Good luck with it.
Remember why you started LT, and focus, is this for you or him, he may not want you to do the LT, but you have to decide, we have choices in life, x Raquel
first of all whoooooo hiya jesi!!!!
now your husband may like you as you are but i'm sure he must no that being bigger is getting you down??? ask him to support you in this as its for you and you will be a much happier person at the end and then you can go for all the yummy meals you like!!! you'll be proud if you manage to go and not eat anything and your right if you cheat and still lose you'll think you can do that every week you go girl be strong!!!
Thanks everyone, I probably make him sound awful, but he loves me no matter what I look like, fat or thin, the whole range.. But, I am doing this for me so he'll be dragged kicking and screaming with me, one way or the other, because I'm not giving up at the first hurdle x
Good advice from everyone and I echo their sentiments.

You're doing this for you, be selfish. Tell him exactly why you are doing this, tell him how the extra weight makes you unhappy and if he doesn't like it then he can lump it! Show him how determined you are by going out for the meal and don't eat, sip a delicious sparkling water, he'll soon get the message.

My OH hated the first week, he said I'd become a complete psycho bore. All because I wouldn't be eating my usual weekend Chinese and getting peed on vodka then dancing round the lounge! When the first week passed and I lost 14lb and I started to feel better he slowly changed the attitude. Now by the second week and another 9lb gone he thinks I'm the best thing since slice bread. It may have something to do with me bouncing off the walls and having the energy of a 2 year old! Although it's most probably the fact that I found my long lost mojo in a LT shake. Before he went to work this afternoon he said that he's worried as I might want to go pubbing and clubbing when I lose more weight, and that I may meet a younger model and run away with him ha! He said all this was a joke but I think it was a joke with a jag. He would probably prefer me fat and miserable, that way he knows he has no competition haha!
Can't wait for the bouncing off the walls bit, my energy levels the last few months have been awful, we're just back off holidays and I walked and swam every day, didn't eat any rubbish but did drink a bit, and never lost a single lb. I have an underactive thyroid and to lose weight is hell, to gain it is easy... Probably the same thing going through my hubbies mind, but I've never been interested in anyone else, only him so he shouldn't worry. x
Damn those underactive thyroids! They're a bloody nightmare. It is so disheartening to eat well and exercise to no avail so I feel your pain. I've one too and this was mainly the reason for trying LT, a last resort type of thing and thank God it seems to be working.

I didn't get the energy until about day 6. The first 5 days I could have slept around the clock, felt so drained. A few more days and you'll be cleaning the house from top to bottom in record speed.

Men are strange creatures. Their mind works in mysterious ways. Bless them for thinking our feelings will change once we lose the weight, it's kind of cute but annoying!

Keep at it and you'll be at goal sooner than you think and you're hubby will love your new found confidence that comes with it.


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Hi Jane

Everyone has said what I think too....so just wanted to say hi and I am sure your first WI will be the best ever and you will be very glad you stuck to your guns.

At the end of the day, you have to live in your skin, not him!! Ok for him to say he likes you the way you are (which is lovely), BUT you dont! You are unhappy and that isnt good.

Stick to what you want and have a great week!


Here we go again!
He probably feels a little insecure at the mo that's all. Reassure him that you will still feel the same about him with less weight to carry around and I'm sure he will support you.

I was very lucky with my hubby, very supportive all through my journey and I appreciated it so much.

Some partners do feel threatened when we lose weight and it is understandable but they need to know we are doing this for ourselves and will still be "us" when we have finished it.

Good luck and stick with it, the results are so worth it!!
Jane...As soon as you have your first weigh in, nothing will stop you, think of the end product, a new skinny full of confidence...you, x Raquel
everyone has given great advice here. i'm not married, but my boyfriend is very supportive although i'm on week 14 and i think he's getting sick of not eating out, stopping for lunch when we've nothing to do etc.

but every now and again when we're watching tv, i catch him looking at me and just smiling. i asked him why he was smiling at me and he just swept me into a hug and said "because you're doing it and you're amazing." so even they kick and scream a bit i think they're secretly soooo proud of us.

We had a good chat this morning and the main problem is that he's worried over the not eating at all bit and only taking the shakes, I've pointed him in the direction of the website to show that it isn't a spoof one, so hopefully things will change now. x thanks for your comments


Life is not a Rehersal!
Good...talking helps and I am sure it will reassure him. He isnt alone in feeling a little hesistant of the diet - most people have the same reaction.

Once he understands it, I am sure he will be fine and if he knows you will be healthy and getting all your daily nutrients too, that will keep his mind at rest!
Another thing to think about is that sometimes we are not at our "best" when we start this diet and of course OH's can notice the changes. And when I say changes I mean - sleeplessness, cranky, moody, lack of energy etc. etc. So anyone that loves us is of course going to worry. You just need to put his mind at rest that you may be a lunatic for a while but return to your lovely self shortly!!

Im new on here and new to the diet (started only yesterday) my husband is the most loving person you could meet but he definitely does not want me to do this either..... so i understand how you feel - he keeps saying to me that he loves me the way i am and always will so there is no need to carry on - he is going on about a meal on Saturday night and last night (my first night) he had crisps and chocolate and was trying to get me to give in - i ended up snapping and went to bed and did a facepack and girly stuff.

Please dont give in - I wont and I am sure that if this does work they will be more than happy - the problem is their insecurity for once.... not ours. I cant wait till i am slim enough for my OH to pick me up and give me a kiss.... my goal is for him to pick me up and carry me through the front door......

keep up the good work

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