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Support needed !

Ok, I am about to set sail on the good ship Rosemary conley and wondered if anyone could share some good tips ! I am new to the forum and I am hoping for a lot of support as I want to get myself to Australia next year and refuse to go looking the way I do.:mad:
I am a vegetarian ( yes us veggies get fat too lol ) and really want to make this year my year !
Any fast track tips would be much appreciated and just plenty of people to hold my hand along the way would be great.

Gill x

P.s I may start asking lots of questions, I hope you dont mind but I really want to do it right.:)
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Hi Gill, welcome to the RC forum!

All I can say is stick to the diet and exercise (exercise is crucial to losing the pounds) and you'll soon start noticing changes. Also you need to drink a lot with this diet so you will pay frequent visits to the ladies room lol

Good luck Gill and don't forget to keep coming back with updates. Even if you start to struggle, just come on here and one of us will keep you going :)

Wishing you all the best with RC xx


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You have made the first huge step and that is making the commitment to losing weight, we are all in the same boat as you and ask away if you need any help or advice as everyone on here is more than happy to help.

I agree with keeping in touch and letting everyone know how you are doing. The diet does work if you stick to it, some of the results on here are amazing.

Also why not keep a food diary on here so you have a record and poeople can offer advice if they think they can help.

Good luck x
Here's some things that have worked for me
- Making a note of everything that passes your lips is a good way to stay on track.
- Using the magic measure when you firsdt start and then going back to it every 2-3 weeks is a great boost. Seeing how the inches have dropped off really does make a difference.

Good luck.
Thankyou all so much for your support already !
I have the book and the portion pots and all the enthusiasm to get started. I am starting on Saturday as this week is going to be a bit dodgy as I have a few events on and want to start when I know I have a clear week, so a week on Saturday I will let you know how I have done ! Wish me luck ! x
I'm not even off the first hurdle and I already have a trauma ! Nooooooooooooooooooooo ! My mother in law has decided to have a BBQ on Sunday for my hubbies birthday. Everything is back to normal this Thursday so I was going to start then as I am really eager to get going ! What do I do ?????????? Do I start on Thursday as planned or should I just sack it and wait til Monday ? ( Which I really dont want to do because I am so in the zone ) Do you think I will be able to wing my way through Sunday ???
Help me through the BBQ !!!!!!!!
Love G x
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Oh dear, there is always something to get in the way. I would start anyway as i find there is always something to stop me starting a diet. But its up to you really and how you think you could cope with the day. If you stuck to things like chicken and fish, salad, jacket pots or new pots,you could probably pull it off but then theres the alcohol. i dont really drink and would be just as happy with a diet coke (i do sound boring, dont i), but appreciate its not that easy.

Either way so long as you start on monday and you sound determined, a few days isnt going to make that much difference in the long run.

Sorry not much help.
Thanks that did help ! I have weighed up the pros and cons and have decided that I WILL start on Thursday, I'm not bothered about having a drink, I can take it or leave it and I will just pick at the salads and bits. I will be fine ! Minor panic over with ( now breathe lol )
I will just stay away from the red zones ( bbq area, buffet table, giant cake area )
I just have to think of me doing my Pamela Anderson on Bondi Beach next year and that will keep me going !

Thanks again x
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Well done for not putting off starting the diet. There are always excuses not to start and they need to be faced.

Big tip for BBQs is not to eat the bread as it is so high in calories. Try to stick to your 1200 cals and pig out on the salad. As your a veggie, do you take your own food or will they supply it? If you take your own you can control the cals.

On the diet in general all the above tips are great but the biggest tip I can give you is make sure you use your portion pots. Weigh everything and count your calories properly (try writing it down as it really does help).

Use your magic measure (advice here is to measure yourself, write it down, then add the large tags when you have the measurements in front of you).

Good luck with your journey.
Thanks everyone for your lovely advice ! Well I made it through Sunday, without any hiccups. The Vodka bottle waved at me as I walked passed but I just ignored him, Ha Ha ! Spoke to my cousin in Australia on Saturday and he is the most wonderful person you could ever meet, he told me when I go to Australia he will take me on his Harley SO I have something even more exciting to look forward too and my backside will not be hanging over the sides of his Harley
seat !
I have been measuring with my pots and I have measured myself and clipped on my marker thingys and I am still in the zone !
Cant believe all the lovely peeps on here have helped me so much already and that has given me a little boost because as you all know it is so hard to go it alone and when you have a skinny sister it ain't much help !
Its the big weigh in on Thursday so I shall let you know how I have done and Thanks again !

G xxxx
PMSL Madgefan I wasnt aware that I had even put he but yes Vodka should be male ( it only causes pain and suffering in the end hehe !) ;0)

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