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Suprised newbie!


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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to say hello, I'm new to CD and the forum and hoped it would be ok to tag along for the ride with you all!

Always been overweight and lost count of the diets I've done. Had been starting a new diet every week for the last few months, willpower just not joining me! Came across CD for the first time a few weeks ago on this site and it just sounded perfect for me- I may be proved wrong but it just seems ideal to remove eating from the equation, get the buzz of losing and hopefully have chance to get the head stuff sorted along the way. Your stories are just so inspirational, I long to be able to have such a story myself(at last...!).

I am just so suprised at how easy it was to start, I honestly expected to have to wait for G.P to agree, (and I'm not sure what our practice is like in supporting VLCD), be told to go away and reduce carbs etc. to prepare, and go back in a week or so to start. When my CDC told me to pick my flavours to take away and asked which day did I intend to start my chin hit the floor!

I half debated having a meal of nice 'goodies' and starting the next day, but I found myself so excited I started straight away. (it was late afternoon and I'd only eaten 3 malted milk biscuits all day..........see why i need this diet!!)
So I'm now on day 2, drinking more water than i ever have, peeing for england, just debating my morning flavour. Slight headache on waking but seems to have passed now.

Never used forum for anything before so apologies in advance for any stupidness! Looking foreward to joining you all, having a bit of fun along the way, and hopefully shrinking as I go!
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Ria C

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Wow you sound really motivated! It sounds like CD will really suit you, as it does with me as I needed to take food out of the equation. you'll be seeing results before you know it. I hope this is the last diet I ever do (which is a big deal as I've tried EVERYTHING in the last few years!!)

Good luck on your journey and feel free to ask any questions, even if they sound silly..we've all been there. In no time at all you'll be answering questions for newbies!

Ria xXx


Cambridge Diet Councellor
Welcome Butterfly!
Reading your post I think you really sound in a good place to begin CD, as I have said to others the key I think to this plan (especially ss) is mental toughness, if you can master that it will be a breeze!
You go for it and by your first WI you will definately see a good loss, which will motivate you no end!
Like you say the idea of taking food out of the equation seems to really work, you don't have the added hassle of finding meals that you can eat, you just eat your packs and get on with the day!
I really hope you succeed with this plan, I have every faith in you.
Good luck!


needs a real kick in the
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welcome and good luck with your journey, you will be halfway there in no time xxx


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Hey hun,
I started Monday and feel so motivated. You sound as though you're in the right frame of mind and sound motivated so good luck. Keep posting on minimins and make a list of all the reasons why you want to lose the weight. That way if you feel down, remind yourself of them it'll help you keep on track. xx

Reject Doll

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Welcome and good luck! The headache will pass. Just keep drinking water!


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Thanks everyone!
It feels great just knowing that there are others out there who have been through, or are going through the same thing, that in itself helps.
Have just fixed my 3yr old daughter her lunch. How wierd is it not to grab a forkfull while your at it!!?? So many habits to break....! xx


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hello and welcome to Minimins :D sure you will do great on this diet :D
Also a Newbie!

Hi everyone!

I also started Monday and feel really positive! I thought I would find it much tougher to cut out food! Like you Butterfly, I have also just given my son his lunch and remembered all the times I would share his goodies!! Not anymore!! Yummy Mummy here I come....:family2: xxx

Lisa Claire

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Welcome Butterfly and Kezablanca, i'm sure you will find this site very helpful and encouraging to help you along your journey. Good luck, drink plenty of water, it definately keeps the hunger at bay!!


S: 22st2lb C: 17st3lb G: 12st6lb BMI: 38.9 Loss: 4st13lb(22.26%)
Have a fab time and really enjoy your journey and keep posting with us
welcome and good luck with the diet! :D

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