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Surprised I'm back but glad I am in control!

Hello all, hope all the LL returners are coping? I am back after finishing the abstainence 14 weeks in July. I thought that my new found confidence and figure would be enough motivation to keep it, but it would seem not! I've put on 18Lbs since leaving and thought I'd better go back before gaining all the weight again. Started refresher 4 weeks on Tues night and started abstainence on wed morn. Found the habitual eating side of it hard but not really been that hungry. Went to drop in and lost 10 Lbs in 3 days so pretty chuffed. My goals are to stay completely abstainent for the 4 weeks, and to actually get to my target weight even if it takes another 4 weeks after that! I used this site for support and to give support last time, so anyone out there in the same boat, love to hear about things that motivate you and your goals!:)
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Hi WV! Welcome back! :)

Sorry you had a wobble. Out of curiosity, did you complete RTM? I really do strongly believe that is the cornerstone for permament loss and maintenance?

Good luck to you!! ANd good on ya for getting in there before it gets out of hand. You'll get those pounds off pronto!!

Welcome back vicky
You'll lose those extra pounds in no time at that rate
I'm finding it hard I keep thinking about food but if I get a good result at wi on Wednesday that'll give me the push
Welcome back ladies

and congratulatioons to you for getting the control back and returning to LL that must be so hard.
I salute you and wish you continued success fr 2009.
RC THANKS for your comments. xxx
Cheers to you all, and blondelogic I remember how inspirational you were to me last year! I did not do rtm but think I'll do it this time. The problem is that my LL counsellor is crap, she did not follow the weeks counselling sessions for the most part thus homework was not used and at times she just weighed us without any counselling. I was not wanting to pay £66 for that. I now feel thought that she will not get in the way of my ideal weight. If she continues to drive me nuts, I'll seek a new counsellor in nearby Edinbugh. Slenda you are almost there, good luck, you look great! Recoveringchocoholic, you did it before and you'll do it again!
Thanks WV :)- Slenda IS there!!! But she has been naughty and not updated her ticker but she hit her goal!!! :)

You goal girl!!! :D

Sorry you had a bad LLC. :( I hope she is better this time, or definately find another! RTM is tough, and I just completed it - but it saved me from really mucking things up!! ANd I feel really glad I went through it. A good LLC is vital for that though, so make her work!!! :)
I hope she improves too, although judging by the 1st night of refreshers I think not, but this is not going to stop me from being who I want to be.
Back in the zone

Hi everyone,

I started back on Lighter Life just over a week ago and so far (according to my scales) I've lost 12 lbs (official weigh in tomorrow).

I did Lighter Life 3 years ago and lost 5 stone in 4 1/2 months. I stuck to the plan 100% but didn't make it to goal as I was on some medication that stopped me losing and I got disheartened. I am determind that I will keep going this time until I get to where I want to be.

I feel like I am completely in the zone, that I have chosen this diet and so there is no other choices to be made. That's not to say I don't find it hard sometimes. I went out for a work's event on Friday night and sat through dinner just drinking water. I took food from the buffet, moved it around my plate, but didn't eat any.

I think the social side is the hardest and usually other people's opinions. So far, thankfully, I've had quite a positive response from people. But I am in a new relationship and my other half is finding it a little hard, he misses eating together, but I tell him it's not for long.

I'm struggling with feeling hungry this time, which i don't understand, but tummy is very gurgly. But it's just uncomfortable, which i keep reminding myself.

My friend recommended this site and said she found it really helpful, she's done the Cambridge Diet.

I hope I can be of encouragement to others and also find some support for when I'm finding it hard. I'm taking it day by day and trying not to look too far ahead.

Good Luck everyone!

Good for you Lisa for getting back in the "Zone". You need to be! I am finding this hard too, but as you say it really is the social aspect that is the hardest. My hubby is missing us eating and drinking together, we own a restaurant and I worked all day saturday, the smell of lovely food was driving me nuts, but I kept drinking the water and tried to ignore it. This week is my second week and I am not hungry but am really bored of the packs, I am only having 1-2 a day, which I know nutritionally is not good. Will endevour to eat 4 packs this week coming. Keep going, you did it before and you can do it again. x

Thanks for the encouragement :)

2 packs is not good. But I understand the boredom. Are you having bars too. I don't really like the soups so I am really limited, only really like chocolate and vanilla shakes too. But I try to vary things a bit, I have one shake hot (either the chocolate or vanilla with coffee), one cold and made with lots of ice into a thick shake, and one as a cake (vanilla with St Clements flavouring). I either have the peanut bar or the Lemon or Toffee made into biscuits - this helps with variety and when I get the biscuits right means I have something to really crunch. - Have you tried any
of these variations?

I can't imagine how unbelievably hard it must be working in a restaurant (and running your own business too). You are doing amazingly well. I take my hat off to you.

My bf was very concerned about me going on LL but when he realised how much my weight upset me he agreed to support me. I still make his dinners, as I love cooking and really like doing this for him and I try to have a cake or a bar with him.

Keep at it! You are doing great. Just take a day at a time (and have all your packs!!!!).

Weigh-in tomorrow - I'll let you know how I get on.


PS How do I get the pretty weight tracker thing at the end of my posts?

Hi lisa

Even I can do the weight loss ticker in the signature on here, so it must be easy.
Go to the headings in the blue box at the top of the page and click on TUTORIALS.
Pierce has put a wonderful idiots guide on there. Follow it and voila!
The clever glittery signatures and big photos etc, someone else will have to tell you.I haven't mastered that.
Good luck with LL XXX
Lisa, your weigh in will spur you on to keep going. It definately helped me. I still can't take more than 2 packs a day. I only like the strawberry and banana milkshake, can just about muster chicken soup made into crisps. I only eat the cranberry bars. I have started taking hair, nail vitamins as last time my hair fell out really badly when I finished LL and if i am not even getting enough nutrition this time, I'm sure it will happen again. I also had a piece of chicken at 125 calories yesterday as I work out 4 times a week and loose over 600 calories every time I go. I want to be slimmer but obviously I don't want to put my health at risk. I will endevour to to the 4 packs a day this week. How you coping with being in a different group with different people? I find it a bit weird but there is 1 lady who I knew from my previous group she kept going and has lost almost 8st! She is inspirational. Tell us know about the weigh in? x

Just come back from weigh-in - I'm on day 11 and have lost 12 lbs. I'm very happy. Should've completed by stone within my 2 weeks. Will be so happy when I am 13 something - hopefully by next weigh in or definitely by the one after. BF is being so supportive. I think everyone around me is amazed. Feeling really good (although i would like time to go faster). Hope you're all doing well. Let me know your successes.

Lisa x
Good for you Lisa, and recovering chocoholic your off to a good start too. I have weigh in at week 2 in a couple of hours so will let you know.
Yeah! Lost 5Lbs, only got 3 to go til I get to where I finished in July. Then the last stone, god I hope I stick to it and don't waiver again when I feel more socially acceptable. I want to be 9 and a half stone. I've got to say though the cold at the mo is really quite unbearable, I wonder Blonde Logic etc if you are feeling cold too?
Well done weevikki I knew you were going to wizz those lbs away
& it's freezing here as well I have to work with the doors open my tips of fingers & toes feel like they are about to drop off one of the joys of ketosis
I know i'm blooming freezing all the time. Got to admit that i've lapsed today. Eating handful of chilli nuts and had a bag of sweets today. I am going for a mammogram tomorrow morning as i found a breast lump in december. I have tried to put it to back of my mind but can't now and as usual have comfort ate. I know it is wrong but I was going to buy ciggies and I haven't smoked in 4 years. Anyway away to take some kalms and stay away from anymore food!
Hope all goes well with the mammogram I fully understand your reasons for going for sweets I would do the same we all know it does'nt help but it's better than the fags I'm sure
Thinking of you today let us know how it goes
I know i'm blooming freezing all the time. Got to admit that i've lapsed today. Eating handful of chilli nuts and had a bag of sweets today. I am going for a mammogram tomorrow morning as i found a breast lump in december. I have tried to put it to back of my mind but can't now and as usual have comfort ate. I know it is wrong but I was going to buy ciggies and I haven't smoked in 4 years. Anyway away to take some kalms and stay away from anymore food!
Hi honey

I only just saw this - hope it all goes smoothly.

I am sure you will be OK, so try not to worry. I found more then one lump at the end of LL and it scared the you know what out of me. Turnes out, its just tissue that I was never able to feel before under all hte fat. But a mammogram gave me peace of mind, and I hope t does you too.

Be sure and let us know!! Thkning of you.


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