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ProPoints Susans food diary ~x~


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Day 2 (thurs)

30g porridge -3
200ml skimmed milk -2

Bread roll -10
2 slices ham -1
1 chocolate orange segment -2

30g (dry weight) pasta -3
100g lean mince -5
200g roma original pasta sauce -3

PP used: 29
Slush fund left: 49


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4 bud -20
Half a demi bagette-5
1 ham- 1

Extra points used:26
Extra points left:23
Hi Susan, how are you finding ProPoints? Your meals are looking good!

Good luck :)



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Hiya, i'm actually so suprised how excellent they are. Whenever i switched for atkins to ww before i ALWAYS gained but i'm losing this time.


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Skimmed milk: 3
30g Porridge: 3

Left over mince and sauce: 2
250ml Farmhouse veg soup: 2

150g oven chips: 7
2 veggie fingers: 3
6 garlic mushrooms: 8

Small bar chocolate: 4

ProPoints used: 29
Slush fund used: 3

Slush fund left: 20


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OH brought me home a chicken burger from the chipper so another 10pp gone from slush fund.

Slush fund left: 13pp

Going to have a low carb day tomorrow as i'm very bloated tonight after todays mountain of them.
Hiya, i'm actually so suprised how excellent they are. Whenever i switched for atkins to ww before i ALWAYS gained but i'm losing this time.
That's great! Do you find you feel better when limiting the carbs even though you're on WW? I tried the GL plan which was great except I hit a wall - I lose weight hopelessly slowly! My IBS was so much better restricting the carbs though so I am going to continue this principle but with WW.

The 49 weekly points really do take the guilt out of eating don't they?!

Have a good weekend.

Yes i feel great when limiting carbs, and what with Propoints you can have your low carb, higher protein without running out of points.
Yesterday was a shocking day food wise and i feel the effects this morning. I'm insisting this time i'm not falling back into old habits of carbs being the foundation of my diet.
Have a great weekend too Lesley :)
Had no credit to log in these last few days :(
It will take me ages to do the past few days menu's on here so i'm not going to yet. I stayed within points so its all good.

1 piece brown toast-2

Ham and cheese sandwich-8

Carrot and parsnip soup-2

ProPoints used so far: 12
3lbs off but it was a nine day WI. Oh look at you you skinny mini just at goal :) I'd say you're well chuffed. I'm sooooooo jealous :D It feels like it's taking me forever.
thanks Hon - its all the exercise - you still doing yours? its taken me a nearly a year susan i started 1st jan!!!!
I've been at it since april i think. To think 13 months ago i was 147lbs. Never taking slimming pills again, you gain it all back plus more. Slow and steady wins this race.
Good on you for keeping up the exercise, i'm just concentrating on cardio at the min oh and my arms of course :)

Skimmed milk -2
Melon, apple and orange -0

Chicken and coleslaw -5

2 potato waffles -6
Chicken breast -3
Curry sauce -1

Points used so far: 17/29

Might be having a few beverages later so saving myself till i find out for sure :D
Reductil, it was prescribed by the doctor but it got banned in january of this year. Looking back it had seriously bad side affects such as really bad mood swings, no libido, jitters and worsened my anxiety an awful lot. The results were excellent but alias they were short lived. My relationship started to suffer massively with the side affects so i stopped taking them november last.

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