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Suze's Diary - Daily Weigher


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Yes I know we shouldn't weigh in every single day, but I have always done it, get up undress for shower weigh myself and thats my routine and can't break it. Followed WW for ages lost 3 stone before getting pregars then had baby and put that on and then some (just went a bit crazy)!! So lost 32lbs with WW and want a quick fix of a few stone before starting back at work in jan.

Sunday week 1: start weight 16.11
Mon - - 4lbs - 16.7
Tues - - 3lbs 16.4 - Very happy with results so far couldn't believe it!
Wed - -0.5 16.3.5
Thurs (today) - - 0.5 16.3

So obviously it has slowed down and I promise I have been 100% is this similar to anyone elses record of their first week? I guess I was hoping for a stone in a week, like I have read others have managed on here. I know everyone is different, but have been off WW for 4 weeks to give myself a break to start this diet. Does it go up again anytime or is this it? I know 3.5 a week is also good but not sure its enough to sacrifice eating, as could do 2 - 3lbs on WW if I tried and had real food!!

I have been doing excercise every day too. Yesterday went 1hr 30min fast walk with my son.
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Feeling great in 2012!
The first couple of days while you get into ketosis you will lose your glycogen stores and see a rapid weight loss as you have done. Then the scales start to stabilise and you will see slower losses, but still great overall. Weight is a strange thing though and sometimes the scales stay the same and sometimes they will drop down by quite a lot. I'm an every day weigher too and it can be really motivating, but sometimes disappointing. It's better to focus on the big picture though and focus on what you've lost overall than what you lost that day. Some weeks are better than others, it's just how things are, and there's no real logic attached to it. I've been on this for a few weeks now and I've only seen the scales rise slightly once, and even then they dropped back down the next day. Mostly I've lost or stayed the same each day. For some reason 0.4lbs seems to be what I tend to lose on a daily basis though (apart from when it's TOTM when my losses slow down). Chances are you will lose your first stone in about 2 weeks which is really motivating! It's unlikely that you'll lose a stone in 1 week to be honest as to achieve that you generally need a starting weight above yours or are a guy. But who knows - we're all different. Most people do this diet because they want fast results and 2 stone in about 6 weeks is realistically what you can expect to lose. Doubt you'd do that on WW.


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Your right I defo wouldn't loose 2 stone in 6 weeks with WW! I lost 32lbs in 4 months with WW, so not bad really, but was aiming to loose a stone a month... yeah okay I know totally unrealistic, was coming off fast at the start but dwindled, as did I! :)

Jumped on the scales today, lost 2lbs, much happier with that! so in total 10lbs lost and still have 1 or is it 2 more days including today till my week's weigh in on Sunday, which is what I count as my 'official' weigh in!

Have ordered some spag bol & more cottage pie as have far too many Shakes and I am getting through them, but do enjoy savoury for dinner and didn't enjoy the soups much.

Also Ketostix arrived today and tested and I defo in ketosis, so it was good to see and motivated me more :)

Went an hour walk yesterday and went swimming in the morn, well I wasn't technically swimming :) just holding my son so he can have a splash around (he's 6 months)

Anyone else find it strange not to go shopping for food? As I am on mat leave I used to nip out and get things a lot from the shops but I have nothing to buy! Except the odd thing to make my sons food, but I have stockpiled them and frozen for a good few weeks!! My husband gets his own food now.


Feeling great in 2012!
I lost 1.6lbs this am after 5 days of staying the same (dreaded TOTM) so I'm hopeful of a 3lb loss this week. I've been on it for coming up for 3 months now so anything around 3 - 4lbs is a good loss for me. I don't do the 100% thing all weekend now though. I have a 'proper' evening meal which usually consists of some white fish, prawns or chicken with the veggies or salad from the S&S list. I dare say it might affect my losses a little but I can live with that. Therefore I do shop a bit and I also get things in for the OH but it's definitely costing a lost less as neither he nor I are drinking alcohol currently - me because of the diet and him because he's on some pills.

Good luck! It's definitely worth sticking with it - the time flies by and it's fabulous when you see your losses turning into stones off.


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Least its going down some now. Don't think I could do 3 months of this! Also don't think my mum would be happy haha shes a nurse and diabetic, so knows all about ketones etc, so keeps moaning at me to drink more water etc.. which I do, drink about 3litres a day. Which again could not imagine doing if I was working, think everyone would wonder why I was nipping to the loo every 10 mins!

I really am looking for a quick fix before starting work. Wouldn't have to do this if I had kept to WW more strictly. But I reckon it will defo let me appreciate food more and not take it for granted when I stop this. I have a meal out a week sun, planning on green salad and steak and some sort of meat and salad starter too. My family all have 3 courses, so can't face sitting through 2 without anything!

Also I have a concert on the 8th of Nov, and I will be drinking - Vodka or wine. I know it will throw me out of ketosis and muck up my weight loss for a few days but I will take it as long as I can enjoy life a bit too and have been looking forward to it for a while! otherwise plan to be on this 100% in Nov :)

What you had today?

Ive had a choc shake, and milk choc shake :jelous: prob a strawberry for dinner. Trying to keep the savoury till later weeks when I have less willpower!


Feeling great in 2012!
I had porridge and having had some good success at making it up the last few times after a few disastrous attempts it was back to disasterville today! Got distracted and it boiled over in the microwave so I ended up eating most of it off the side of the bowl. LOL :). Then a choc truffa bar for lunch and the spag bol and S&S veggies (peppers, shallots and mushrooms) for evening meal. Just had it a bit earlier than usual but that should fill me up nicely for the rest of the day.

Vodka is the best thing to drink to keep in ketosis. I had 2 vodka and slimline tonics when I went out for the evening about 5 weeks into the diet and I was still well in ketosis when I checked the next day. I suspect wine may have pushed me out.

I've eaten out a couple of times since starting too and kept in ketosis by choosing sensible, no or low carb options. No point in being unhappy I think. If I want a meal out I have it but am just careful, and if I want a break I have it too. I've had a week's proper break from it since starting when friends came to stay and we ate out and drank quite a lot and I'm breaking again for Xmas. It helps me to have a break as I can view the diet as steps rather than an endless stretch of deprivation.

You should do quite well if you can stick to it until the end of Nov. 2 stone is a good possibility.


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Yeah I would defo break for xmas too. Its my bday start of dec so thats why I am having a breaking/stopping then. I am in my first week so shall see how I get on with the next 5 before I see if I go on it for a few weeks after that. Have a xmas night mid dec. I imagined going back on for a while again in jan. Och I don't know I shall just wait and see how this run goes. Just drinking a vanilla shake. Left a bit to try in coffee to see how it tastes, really can't do black coffee!

I don't really plan on loosing all my weight on the diet just a few stone, but can imagine the quick weight loss is addictive!! Still going to go to weigh in's with weight watchers, not been for 4 weeks so will start back next wed, to avoid the question of the big weight loss at the start! So my high weight loss will just look like I have been good over the last month :) I love getting an official 'weigh in' oh and I am still paying for it too! I imagine the folowing weeks will be prob more than the average WW loss but shouldn't be too questionable, then I will go back on WW when I have lost a couple of stone. My lightest with WW was 11st 8 that was last may before my wedding :) then got pregars and was 13st 3 at the start and ballooned from there!! I have always been a yo yo dieter! Prob always will be!


Feeling great in 2012!
Some people have a little skimmed milk in their tea / coffee and I don't think it makes too much difference in the great scheme of things. As long as you don't have stacks it's probably ok. I drink black tea anyway (hangover from my lipotrim days 6 years ago - when I finished and went back to taking milk in tea I hated it so have had it black ever since). I hate black coffee though so on the very odd occasion that I have coffee (like a couple of cups a week) I do have a splash of milk in it.

I aim to be 11 and a half stone. I know that's still officially overweight for my height but I have a shot at maintenance there whereas lower would a. be difficult to get to and b. not possible to maintain I think. I got there last time and felt really good. Was in a size 14, could shop anywhere and didn't mind going on beach holidays. If I can get there again this time I'll be delighted. I definitely will need to restart again after Xmas but hope to be done by Easter with any luck.
I do have skimmed milk ready for the porridge so might use i only have 1 or 2 a day. Tried vanilla in tea was ok, better than expected. Prob best not to try after w vanilla shake tho. Can u use water with the porridge? I would be happy in the 13's, first lost weight 2006 got to 12 n managed to maintain between that n 13 till my preg last sept, still went to ww tho over the 4 years. Was att my heaviest ever during my preg tho, hes my first so wont go that crazy next time!

Hows ur weigh in 2day? Was 1/2 down so im. at
16.05 with final weigh in tomoz be great if i lost 1lb more but obv happy with results so far! Just off for a choc mint urgh gets rid of em going to add coffee to it.


Feeling great in 2012!
You're doing really well! I was 0.6lbs down this am, so good for me and -2.2lbs this week so far (4 days until WI) which is already more than the whole of last week when it was TOTM. I had a really bad patch in weeks 4-6 when I only lost 5lbs in total in the entire 3 weeks despite being 100%. That got me really down but I was due to take a planned break after that and when I started back my losses picked up again thankfully.

I've made the porridge with skimmed milk, water, and a mix of milk and water. It's come out ok sometimes and sometimes it's been a disaster. I've no idea what I've done differently really (other than yesterday when it boiled over). I put a fraction more liquid in it than it says as otherwise I find it a bit dry, but not too much as then it's too sloppy.

Not many people seem to like the porridge and I wasn't keen after the first one but as I had 7 to use they sort of grew on me as I went through them and I've just ordered some more. I will make mine with water going forward so that I can save the calories in case I want a cup of coffee with the milk. I only have it when I've got a day off as when I'm at work I'm dashing about in the morning and make my shake up when I get to work.
Ive not tried it yet, I am saving them too, going to have one tommorow morning, hope I like it as kinda saving it as a treat for the weekend ) I can imagine sat being the hardest day for me, we always got a takeaway or some sort of meal I love :) When I was being good it was always chilli :) But husband is going out and I am going to my parents to show off my son in his halloween costume. They all know I am on it should be okay with it. Sometimes I wish I never told them cause they will be all told you so if I dont keep it up, but then makes me stick to it more to prove them wrong haha, they all think its a bit of a fad diet. Even my husband wasnt keen on me going on it and wanted me to stick to WW but wanted quick losses. Nearly 1 week over. I have enough for 40 days, well infact I have just bought erm 35 more so enough for 51 days now! Will keep them for after my bday though :) then slim down for my xmas night out through the next 2 weeks.. my work mates haven't seen me in a while, as on mat leave and have been avoiding lunches with them etc, so I am hoping they will see a difference :) may even go on it till xmas day as that will be another week woo ack I shall see I am way jumping ahead of myself!

Easter!! Defo couldnt go that long even with the breaks! Hopefully I will be in the 13's by then with WW :) I am aiming for under 15st then another stone with WW after christmas, ack should manage!

So what times of the day do you find it the hardest? Mines is defo comming up to dinner time, cause he makes his dinner and I am like erm what do I do?! Make a shake.. get my sons dinner ready haha I guess I am used to planning on what we are having for tea and now there is no planning involved.


Feeling great in 2012!
I'm aiming to be 13.5 stone by the time I break for Xmas (that'll be 4 stone off - I'm just over 2.5 stone lost now so just under 20lbs to go). I plan to break when we have our office Xmas night out (date not arranged yet but likely to be 15th Dec or so). Then I'm going to try to eat 'sensibly' over Xmas and New Year and try to put on less than 7lbs by the time I start back in January (5th if I can manage it :)). That should leave me 2.5 stone to do in 2012. I'm ok with this at the moment.

I know what you mean about meeting people you haven't seen for a while. When I had my break it was when my American friends came to stay (they're very slim!). They had seen me at my slimmest 6 years ago, then 3 years later when I'd put on maybe a couple of stone but hadn't seen me at my heaviest so I tried like mad to lose 2 stone before they came so I wasn't much much bigger than when they last visited. In the end I made it to 1.5 stone lost but at least they didn't see me at my absolute heaviest.

The absolute hardest thing for me was getting back on it again after I had my break - I was bloody starving for 3 days but I had a great time during my break and it was worth the effort. My hardest days are definitely the weekends. I've got in a good routine when I'm at work - shake at 10am, bar at about 2pm and then meal with veggies or salad at about 7.30pm when the OH cooks his (he has to get his own while I'm on this :)). At the weekend I struggle a bit more. I'm ok in the morning but it's late afternoon and evening that I struggle a bit, but as I now have my protein based meal at weekends (fish tonight) it's a little easier since I started that. I probably have about 700 calories at weekends and about 450 during the week so it's a bit off piste at weekends terms of what I should be having but it helps me to stick with it.


Feeling great in 2012!
How did you do this morning? I was 1lb up this am which is annoying as I only had about 700 calories yesterday, but that's the problem with daily weighing - sometimes it goes in your favour and sometimes it doesn't. So not looking quite as good for the week as it did yesterday.
Well I lost 2lbs!! So for my first official weight in I have lost 12.5lbs!! Now 15st 12.5lbs woo delighted with that! Got through sat 100% yey, so one week down 4 more to go :) Had a porridge today, was okay, mixed with water then added a bit of milk to the end. Was okay, good for a change from a shake. So since starting my diet after having my son I have lost overall 40.5lbs since june. Obv with a bit help with the VLCD in the last week!! Wonder what my second week weight loss will be like, hopefully more than 3.5lbs but who knows I can't complain really if I get to a stone loss in 2 weeks!

I am sure you will loose it tomoz, thats the trouble with out daily weigh in's eh!


Feeling great in 2012!
Well done! That's fantastic. You'll probably lose more than 3lbs this week - most people do and it's week 3 that is known as 'dreaded week 3'. I had a slower week 2 tho and quite a good week 3 so we're all different.

I had a feeling that I'd be up this morning on the scales as I weigh myself last thing at night too (obviously addicted to weighing, but better than being addicted to carbs ;)) and I was a pound up on the previous night. I'm usually about 2lbs different between morning and evening weight but I was 3lbs heavier than the morning and sure enough that extra pound didn't disappear overnight. Still, I know in the great scheme of things 1lb isn't too much but it's a bit irritating as I usually get a good loss the week after TOTM.

No porridge today for me - I had a shake this morning and will have a bar at lunchtime and 100g of chicken with some salad in the evening. Back to 100% packs from Monday though.


This is really the time!
Well done Suze :) Your loss this week and your overall loss is brilliant :) Well done xxx
Your doing great too, go us!!

I am really struggling today, I feel really hungry and light headed, have been drinking water but not sure if it was the porridge, just not sure it filled me up enough! I keep thinking about what low carb foods I could eat. But I am not going too, don't really want to blow it now and I know if I start now and get away with it, then I will keep doing it. So going to leave it and have a shake. I try and leave my second and third as late as possible. My husband is on hols this week, which is great but can imagine its going to be a really hard week for me. I am used to going out for lunches, teas etc when he/we are off (I used to take my leave the same time as his) now I am always off! So he will be around during the day eating in front of me instead of just me and my son :) he asked earlier on, what we having for lunch? Arghh... nothing my shake!! Then suggested a walk to the supermarket to get breakfast as we often do haha I said okay but I will be having a bottle of water and he can have what he wants, decided not to go in the end, I said it was okay, but glad we never would have been cruel.
Going to the shops to buy some veg on the allowed list! Hopefully munching on cucumber sticks etc will stop me thinking about proper food :) We can do this!! :) I couldnt remember the veg I was allowed to did the live chat on S&S and they are so helpful! very impressed with them so far.

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