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Total Solution Suzi's road to skinnyville


will achieve target
Hi guys thought that I would start up my own diary ... never done a diary before before .. tend just to read everyone elses and make comments lol.. so here is my story

I am 44 and have sadly spent 30 years of my life on and off diets :sigh: I have 4 kids and my weight has come and gone over the years until around 6 years ago I went to the doctors really down and at my heavest weight up to then of 17st 9lbs !! the doctor offered me slimming pills that were naff and didn't do anything then when I went back i asked if there was anything else to help and she offered me Lipotrim .. I started this and stuck to it religiously and lost 6stone in 5 mths :eek: ... but my doctor decided that I had lost enough and stopped me from doing this with no explanation or aftercare for the new me ... So unfortunately and very sadly I started to gain weight quite quickly as even though my body had lost the weight my head was still very much in fat mode and I still acted and thought as my self as a fat person !!!

Well to cut a long story short over the next 6yrs I dieted on and off desperatly trying to get back down to 11 and a half stone but failed miserably !! I would often go back to atkins and go into ketosis as this is where I feel my best I love the clean feeling I get in my body when I am in ketosis !
I desperately wanted to do lipotrim again but my doctor outrightly refused to allow me to do it again saying that she was totally against it in the first place and refused to talk anymore on this matter with me :mad: .. she sent me for counselling the woman was lovely and it helped a bit but I was still fat and in the same place as before ... desperate lol

SO ... I looked at maybe joining ww or something like that and whilst on the internet I came across minimins and noticed starlights journey and how she had lost 9stone with exante ... I had never heard of it before so looked into it more closely and yayyyyyyyyy it was exactly what I needed to get my head back into gear and start loosing the weight :D

So last week I got started .. at 18st 2 and this week I have been doing TS ... took a bit of getting used to drinking that amount of water again but have got up to speed with it now and loving the choice of shakes soups and meal bars this is sooooooooo much better than Lipo where i survived on just chocolate and vanilla shakes for 5 mths .. Boring lol ...
I had my first weigh in today and was soooooo pleased to see that I had lost 11pounds in my first week woooooo hoooooo .. I have set a goal to get to target by my 45 birthday in may then I plan to join ww to learn how to maintain the weight that I lost and learn how to eat and live as a slim woman ... and never ever put myself back in this place again :)
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Fantastic Suzi, I am sure that you will find that writing a diary does help. It doesn't matter what you write in it so long as it helps you to stay focused. 11lbs in 1 week is absolutely amazing, well done you!

I have to say that your story is very similar to mine but I am 47, got 1 child (he's 21 now) and lost 5 stones in 4 months with LL and cambridge diet. I went on to become a cambridge counsellor which did help keep me on track and I did that for over 4 years but when I emigrated french bread, cheese and frequent apperatifs plus eating french style 5 course meals helped to pile it all back on. I also read that you do celebration cakes which I do as a hobby, so we have a fair bit in common; perhaps we can encourage and motivate each other along our journey.
Good luck
Debbie x


will achieve target
Thanks Debbie x
glad to have you along on this journey and to share our stories/day to day struggles xx sooz
Woooppp well done on your loss Hun that's fab good luck xx

Sent from my iPhone love n hugs Kel xx


will achieve target
Thanks Kel... just hope I can keep this up xx
HI , what a fabulous first week loss , it really helps when you see those sorts of losses :D I started on LT too , and so glad I found exante as dont think I could go back to the vile shakes on LT , I only just about managed to drink the choc one .. now i love exante soups and bars :)


will achieve target
Thanks Katie ... wow you have done so well with your weight loss xx

I have decided that I will be treating myself every stone I loose not to food now but to beauty treatments or nice jewellery and when I get my 3 stone I want to treat myself to a really nice kath kidston bag !!!! I never ever spend money on myself so this is gonna be really weird to start with but I really want to start spoiling myself for the hard work I am putting in to doing this diet and I need to start believing that I'M WORTH IT !!
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Sooz you are most definately worth it, don't ever forget that. I am giving myself a weekly treat on weigh day.Last week was a pedicure; this week I have bought myself a nice face pack and some lovely nail varnish but not allowed to use them before monday. It gives me something to look forward to.
You've been quiet on your diary thread so I hope you are doing ok.
Debbie x


will achieve target
Hi ya Debbie xxx sorry been a busy week so far lol ... Yep doing ok but everything in my head is in sabotage mode so I'm having to fight against that!! It's definitely harder doing this second time around as you know that you can cheat and stay in ketosis ... I almost ate last night with the hubby as it was his birthday !!! But managed to get up enough willpower to say that I'd stick with my soup ! Lol. He's really good and didn't mind at all but I really really really wanted to eat... ha ha ha xx but I can see it making a difference already doing TS and I know if I break it I will find it difficult to get back on track .. Sadly I am very much an all or nothing girl .... so hopefully I will stay strong and resist the EVIL food that is talking to me every day lol ..... I WILL BE SMALL AGAIN!!! Lol. Woke up wiv a banging head this morning, think I didn't drink as much as I normally do yesterday so will have to watch for that one today ... Actually treated myself to some coke zero yesterday too lol never usually drink fizzy buy thought that it might be nice for a change .... Well I'm off into the bakehouse now to finish off a giant cupcake for someones engagement party tomorrow so will catch you later and have a great day !

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I am glad you are still battling on and agree it is harder 2nd time round; but we must both stay strong and determined. I have my hubby's birthday coming up and we may have his daughter and her boyfriend here for that so plan to go out to one of the local restaurants, but I refuse to eat. I want to be happy for christmas so cannot afford to mess about on the way. It's my birthday in November and won't be eating then either.
You know what you have to do to stick to it, keep busy, stay positive and focused and drink drink drink lol the wee wee wee.
I have no cakes on at the moment but have been baking for hubby and our friends plus preserving more home grown stuff. Got a huge pan on at the moment of green tomato chutney. I have to say the smell of vinegar is not the most appealing smell and it does cover the lush baking smells, so helps lol.
Keep up the good work, its nearly weigh day.


will achieve target
Morning everyone xxx well 2nd weigh in today:scale: and I have lost 3 lbs :grumble: to be honest was hoping for more but at the same time pleased as that make it 1stone lost in 2 weeks so shouldn't complain really lol ;)
think I need to start exercising as I'm sure that will help lol .. will have to work out what I want as my first stone treat :D might buy a nice bracelet yay.. well hope that everyone else weighin in today has good results xxx sooz


will achieve target
Just quickly poping in this morning to update the diary ..... sorry not too good at keeping one at the moment ... been really busy in the bake house for the last week with birthday cakes and 2 :character00250:weddings this weekend lol but today is a day of rest !!! well actually I say that but we are off out this morning then back later to take the dogs for a good run on the beach :chores016: and then to actually get around to some much needed gardening lol .... but pleased to announce that I have lost another 6lbs this week so thats almost a stone and a half in 3 weeks ... well chuffed with that :character00238: Didn't have any coke zero this week just stuck to black coffee water and mint tea so I dont know if that helped or not ? hope that everyone is enjoying this lovely sun .. It's well hot here in Newquay .. loving it :D
right better get the family out to the car now so will catch up with you all later xxx Sooz
thats brilliant hun well done im hoping to have a big loss this week too 6lb would be great good luck next wi xxx
another great loss Sooz, well done. enjoy the sunshine xx

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