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SW are crazy.....

Hmm, I did query the use of the eggs in it, intended use and all that!!
You can make the quiche without it and eat the pasta in sauce on the side. Apparently.
hahaha thats so silly! i would defo just make it and eat it anyway, if it hasn't been doing you any harm up til now then it just seems daft!

funny that you can somehow "misuse" pasta n sauce. Lol maybe blending it into a soup would be misuse but in a quiche i really don't get it!



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Its the lasagne crisp issue all over again isn't it?
There are loads of food you can put in this category....
I don't know how one day things are free then they aren't..WHY????????
Is it me...or is anyone else confused? Whats the difference between having it in the quiche or on the side...it's all on the one plate, eaten at the same time?
Thats crazy.........dont get the science behind it at all! :confused:

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Starting again!!
It's basically saying that 'normal people' (rotfl) wouldn't use pasta n sauce as a quiche base, nor lasagne sheets as crisps, or cous cous in a cake. They will also tell you if you ask that you shouldn't eat 3 baked potato's as chips/crisps because 'normal people' wouldn't do so.
Thats just plain rediculous!!!
I'm sorry, but if I make quiche, I eat a quarter, maybe half of it as I have it as part of a meal with beans and a jacket spud.
However if I eat a pasta and Sauce in the form it is intended, I eat the whole lot as a snack.......I can't actually see waht the problem is either way.
I've eaten SW quiches for years and never had a problem.
SW are losing the plot!!!


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But we aren't normal people (you know what I mean) we are trying to invent tasty food that fits in ith SW and trying to lose weight doing so...
But the goals posts keep changing..
If they're gonna start this one then you could add all sorts of things in to this category:

Couscous in various forms, i.e crumble; coatings for things like fish/scotch eggs etc; smash used as a base for the pizza etc..

where will it all end!!!!.....


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I think with all these things, if you are eating them and your weight is still dropping steadily then go ahead. if on the other hand you are gaining or staying the same these are the sorts of things you need to monitor. One lady at our group last week was eating a whole packet of lasagne as crisps every evening and was gradually putting her weight back on. If she had synned it she would have seen she was eating in excess of 30 syns every day.


I ♥ Slimming World :)
If they didn't come up with these random ideas and new rules from time to time, then nothing would ever change.

And if nothing changed, there wouldn't ever be a need to update the SW books, and we could all leave SW lol.

I'm certain it's a ploy to get us to stay members, so we can keep up to date :)
Were does this information come from? i assume straight from sw yeah hun?

Don't get me wrong, i LOVE sw. but christ all frickin mighty, i wanna go back up to HQ and smack em!

They can take thier food abuse and shuv it up thier bums!
I'ma eat 50 potatoes as chips if i want too, im gunna eat cous cous cake as much as i damn well want (even though i dont like it, gag! LOL) .. i'ma make those darn lasagne crisps, and i'm gunna pour than frylight over my roasty potatoes till they'r so crisp i could drop em on the floor and it'l be hard as a rock on the outside haha.

I probably eat two or three of these over a week (between two of us that is) and it saves me from my old snack of cheese on toast etc so I think I'll carry on with it for now :p

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