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The only place would be ebay but they go for crazy prices!


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Couldn't you just join and get the starting package? - no law says you have to keep going? - will probably be cheaper than ebay.


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yea that seems the most sensible, I was on EBay and a 2010 directory just sold for £14.00 !!!!! that is so wrong :mad:

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The 2011 Food Directory is on SW online for £7.50 plus £1.80 p&p.
The Food Optimising & Body Magic books are £15.00 plus £1.50 p&p.

I can't really find either of these cheap online at all. Is there any chance you could just go to one meeting & pick up the bits you need?


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Some of the members from my old group used to openly buy books/Hi Fi etc for non-member friends! Do you perhaps know anyone who goes to a group who might be approachable?


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The time I first joined sw around a year and a bit I was able to buy the starter pack (folder thing) for my nan and it was £10. My nan couldnt attend a meeting but wanted the info On the plan. Didn't have the directory or anything. Not sure if I'd be allowed now as it was a long time ago.