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SW Newb

Hi Pavster,

Is Slimming World online any good? Been thinking about signing up to it but not sure if it's worth the money...
It could be better to be honest. The website is a bit clunky and difficult to navigate. There's talk of an app being released. Hopefully that will be better.

Having said that the actual diet (extra easy) is great.
Thanks Pavster. I imagined it would be, I think it would annoy me and I'd end up not using it. I think I'll stick to my own food diary I've created. Is the syn tool any good?

An app would be good, but I bet it's only for iPhone!
The syns tool is one of the things I was thinking of when I described it as clunky. :)

That and the menu database.

Again, don't get me wrong, I've lost a fair old chunk in 3 weeks and I'm enjoying the diet it's just it all feels like a bit of an afterthought.

If you were designing it from scratch and really wanted to do a good job you'd have things like a database linked to a scanner (use your phone to scan something in the supermarket and it tells you the syns), virtual instructor, better navigation etc.

Oh, and would it kill them to give you some printed materials. Scanning PDFs is a real pain. :)

But hey, I really didn't fancy the idea of meetings so there you go.
Ah I see. I'm a web developer so I can imagine things like that really grating on me!

I don't fancy the meetings either, so I'm doing all mine on the resources I can find. I've got a couple of books and PDFs too that I'm working from, anything I can't find the answer to I'm just excluding from my diet :)

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