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SW Newbie!

So I've just started SW EE this week, went to my first meeting on Tuesday, but I'm honestly really stumped as to where to actually start :eek:

I don't want to go in next week with a gain, I just feel a bit silly that I don't necessarily 'get it'. I understand as far as you have free foods, HEA, HEB and Syns, so I feel like those are the pieces of the puzzle that I need to put together.

Is it just a case of following their suggested meal plans for the first couple of weeks until I get the hang of it, or should I just jump in with what I think is right, and get advice on it at my next meeting?

Thanks for any advice given! :D
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It's good to follow the meal plans but just think about what food you like.
If you want cereal for breakfast then there's your A and B choice gone so you can just rely on free food for your meals.

Just make sure you have lots of superfree with each meal (the orange pages in your book)

Also, don't forget you can contact your consultant outside of group times, ring or email them and ask them to explain to you.
Have a look through some food diaries and the "what's for tea tonight" thread for some ideas too.

i just started the other day and altho i don't go to class, as i was a member a few days ago, i found all the info i needed from the newbie thread by minimi at the beginning. i think its called 'all you need to know... i can't remember.. i'll just go check.
i'm back.. just checked - its Slimming world advice for new comers - and its a brilliant posting - really explains it all very very simply. i'd have a look at that thread if i were you.
Good luck hun!
Awesome, thanks for pointing that thread out to me, really helped me clarify a few things. Now I'm just working on beginning a meal plan for the week. I know breakfasts are my biggest issue, so is there any reason to not have a Hi-Fi/Kellogg's Fibre Plus bar in the morning, and use up my HEB at that point? Part of me is thinking I should be saving my HEs for something in particular, another part of me wants to just make sure they get put in one way or another.


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Do whatever works for you - the choice is yours - but I would say that a
cereal bar is not very much to keep you going so why not try adding a yoghurt and fruit as well
Thing with the cereal bar is, it's a cereal bar more than I've eaten at breakfast time for the last 10 years or so. I'm not a morning person, and eating in the morning often makes me feel sick, but I know I should have something to start the day on. I figure start small with the bar, and once I'm into the routine of things and find myself wanting more, I'll definitely take on the suggestions of fruit/yoghurt.

I just need to shift the "it starts tomorrow" mentality, and actually start today, feel like I'm letting myself down every time I put it off.
thanks for pointing out the thread - im off for a nose
Hi Trijan - I just make it simple like this - if I am happy to have one HexA and one HexB (ie one milk or cheese allowance and one bread / cereal allowance) then I'm on extra easy all day and can eat whatever free foods I like and just count syns. However, if I feel like 2 portions of either (often happens when I get a craving for cheese on toast!!!) then I make my days plan either Green or Original which means I just need to avoid either meats and fish on Green or potatoes, rice, pasta and starchy veg on Original. I know you can mix and match with much more variety than this, but I find I forget that things like sweetcorn in salad count as a syn on Original so it is easier to stick to Extra Easy most of the time.

However this is just what works for me, so you should read the threads that the other posters have recommended and I am sure you will find the combination that works best for you, :):):)

Best of luck with your weight loss xxx


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Hi amd welcome you'll get the hang of it in no time.. If i were you i would post your food diary daily, this way the friendly people on here can give you any tips or help with any confusion.. I find this a massive help for me staying on track and understanding it all.xx

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