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SW Quiche - all watery at bottom

Hi - just wanted to know whether or not I'm doing something wrong.

Been making SW quiches with cottage cheese and eggs, usually about 500gm cc and 3 eggs. I add some tomatoes or some pepper or pasta etc....

It always comes out very wet underneath and I just wondered if I was doing something wrong or if everyone else's was the same..

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Probably the tomatoes - they're a bit juicy!


Just doing it this time
Ive always had it juicey at the bottom, but I use a spatula on top and tip the quiche upside down and drain off the juices.

Like it with onions and veggies in but not on it's own though.


Just doing it this time
made one today with lean bacon in - it was absolutely gorgeous - but watery - so I squished it upside down and it was OK then.

Think it could be too much cottage cheese I think I will use a bit less next time.
hi i've made it twice this week and i could see a lot of juice round outside of it so i used kitchen roll to soak all the juice up, no soggy quiche :)
hi i made the quiche using quark much better than cottage cheese had a lovely flavour and no liquid, i used 4 eggs to one 300 gram pot mixed them together and added mushrooms and onion that i 'fried 'in a drop of water added ham and mixed it all together i put it in the oven for 40 mins gas 6 :)
It is all watery because of the peppers, once they go in the oven in the mix they give off a lot of water and make it sloppy


Losin the baby weight :-)
Same thing happened to me last week and it is definitely the amount of CC!

The first time I used 600g and 4 eggs and it was really watery - nex time I used 400g and 4 egss - perfectomondo :D :D :D
Since discovering the joy of Syn free Quiche I have made it every week for work lunch! Tricks for non -soggy Quiche are 300g Cottage Cheese to 3 eggs then once you have baked for 30mins at 200 degrees take it out and leave it to the side to cool for at least an hour. It sets and doesnt go soggy at all - or at least mine never has ......yet!!! (I always add lean bacon bits and onion fried up.

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