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SW - what can't you live without?


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Asda's Good For You Cottage Cheese - I CRAVE this if I run out, and have at least a 500g tub a day!

EGGS - never used to like eggs, now I use an obscene amount each week.

Loads more, but they're my two "can NOT be without" items!


Will be thin god dammit!!
Alpen light bars!!!!! 2 for one of your healthy extra B choice on all plans!!! ( any flavour)
2 of the things I buy every week are savoury rice and Total 0% greek yogurt. I lurve greek yogurt with honey & cinnamon on it. Nom, nom, nom. Great with fresh fruit for breakfast or an instant low syn pudding.

I also buy a huge amount of eggs and love the Alpen Light bars.


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Mug shots, sav rice on a green day. Little packs of ham / turkey, crabsticks for snaking on a red day. Fry light, low fat cheese. Oh and onions, pepper and mushrooms dry fried in fry light as part of my free food on extra easy.
2% Total yogurt. Nicer, to my taste, than the 0% and well worth the half syn per pot.

Real Foods Corn Thins - same size as rice cakes, much nicer, 1 syn each or 5 for a HEXB choice. Sesame is my favourite, Lemon and Pepper I don't like at all.

Sugar free jelly.
great lists!
you can spot a sw trolley a mile off!!
I agree, i could tell the woman in front of me at asda was SW and she could tell i was, i could also tell from several people walking around....:rolleyes:

I like 0% total, frozen fruit, white options, strawberries, supernoodles
quark and mugshots/pasta and sauce and alpens are the give aways!

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