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Meringue nests are great topped with yoghurt and fruit, or syn free pancakes are fantastic with sweetnened quark/yoghurt and frozen fruit.


I will do this!!!
surely Meringue nests are bad for you as they're made from loads of sugar!?!?

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I find that having 2 x Alpen Lights as one of my HEX B's (particularly the choc and fudge ones) really keeps my sweet tooth at bay! I have one mid-morning and mid-afo with coffee and tea respectively and this seems to do the trick! Indulgent dessert - how about Choc Options mixed with Quark for a SW friendly mousse (just check the syns for each Options flavour) xxx


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surely Meringue nests are bad for you as they're made from loads of sugar!?!?

They're also full of air so what you get per serving is not too bad. An M&S meringue nest is 3 syns and you can top with 0% or 2% greek yogurt (0.5 syns) and fruit for a yummy dessert. You could also crumble it with yogurt and strawberries for an eton mess! I had this as a snack today, with peaches and I really enjoyed it :D


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i recently tried ( sure lots of people already have done this) .. mix up sugar free jelly granules ( i use the rowntree sachets .. really cheap and sugar free) with half a pint of water, allow to cool then instead of adding remainder of water I stir in two muller light yogurts. The result is a desert that tastes nice and sweet ( but not really chemically from the sweetners) and very fruity, and its filling, as far as I am aware its free , cheap to make and goes quite a long way. I pour it back into the muller light pots that I have just emptied ( and save a couple more) usually get about 3 - 4 of them from one batch. just leave them to set in the fridge for a couple of hours. :)

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Mmmmm that sounds lovely Klare, might have to go ad buy some jelly tomorrow :) Hartley's sugar free jelly is also 1/2 syn per pot...and there's also a 25p off voucher in the new mag


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I love Mikado chocolate biscuit things, they're only half a syn each and get rid of any chocolate craving for me (they are like pretzel sticks with a coating of chocolate on the top) and absolutely lovely!!

Mikado chocolate biscuit launched by Kraft Foods

You can buy them in Asda as a multipack of 3 boxes



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Ice cream mars bars- a bargain at 7 syns (multipack)- these taste sooo good and not like 'diet' food at all (which always makes me want more)

My other choices (as well as Mikado biscuits as mentioned above)

curly wurlys and freddos are 5 syns (freeze the curly wurly to make it last longer)
kitkats (2 fingers) are 5 and a half


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I thought Curly Wurlies were 6 syns? Have I been doing myself out of a syn?!

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i also have a sweet tooth and long for a dessert after dinner. very low fat fromage frais with some splenda and a choc orange options is surprisingly good, but asda smart price creme caramels are only 87cals= 4 1/2 syns and really yummy as well as very cheap!