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Sweetest lettuce?


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Hi there!

Could anyone advise me as to the sweetest lettuce that we can buy? The last two lettuces I've bought (romaine and little gem) have both been really bitter!! Very off-putting :sigh:

I did have a very pale romaine lettuce a couple of weeks ago and that was fine. Any others that would be sweet?

Also, what is the chinease leaf like? Anybody know?


Sian xxx :)
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I think that the two that you mentioned tend to be the sweeter tasting ones.
I always go for a plain old round or curly lettuce - they taste quite sweet to me - however, I really don't have a sweet tooth.
Were the ones you tried quite green or yellow looking? I'd always avoid yellow looking lettuce.
Perhaps you could sweeten it up with some red onion or peppers? Just seen what looks like a really good onion chutney/marmalade on here which would also work well.
Hope this helps.


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I think that the problem is that the lettuce you can get in the supermarket s at this time of year have been forced. Little Gem from my own garden is very sweet. Chinese leaves is to me an acquired taste, I prefer it cooked. It's easy to grow your own salad leaves in a pot outside at this time of the year, and you'd love them. Try to get locally grown produce from your greengrocer, it'll taste far better.


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I bought a chinese lettuce for the first time on monday. I saw a lady put one in her trolly and asked her what it was like and was it bitter. She said it was fresh and crisp tasting. I'm really fussy with lettuce but i really liked it. To me it tasted a bit like raw white cabbage but not as strong. Its lovely and crisp too. I had it mixed with a bag of baby leaves and rocket. Yesterday i put it in with some sweet chilli & chicken noodles i made. I will certainly buy it again.
There are red versions of romaine lettuce - I have seen them in Waitrose and Tesco - which are very nice, but usually more expensive.

Well, when I say red - the edges of the leaves are reddish. Not red like a red cabbage.


I will be a Princess!
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Thank you all for the replies! I'm not the world's biggest lover of lettuce, but kind of feel that it's obligatory to include it in a salad, lol! I might try some different varieties, see how it goes :) Thankyou! xx


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Until my own home grown lettuce is ready - I am buying the supermarket 'round' lettuce at the moment, they are a lovely tasting lettuce and 'hearty' too, I am really enjoying them.

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