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Sweetness 'n Light + Splenda ...


No Coffee, No Workee
As far as i'm aware, all the granulated artificial sweeteners are free! The "half and half" stuff which Silver Spoon make definitely is not, though. Enjoy :)
so as long as it says 'sweetener' (100%, not half 'n half), we shld be ok?? It's just that I made the SW maringues and they are really lovely!!!! (used 'Splenda' from a tub) - also do have some 'Silver Spoon' granulated sweetener' (not half and half), so again it shld be ok.... have u tried the SW maringues???


No Coffee, No Workee
Yep, so long as it's actual artificial sweetener and not mixed with sugar it'll be fine. I think my mum has the silver spoon one and says it's OK.

I've never tried the meringues yet, I keep meaning to and never get round to it!


Desperate to be slim!
In my book it says sweetener tablets are free, as are granulated sweeteners with less than 2 cals per tsp.
So that includes canderel, splenda and sweet n low.
Also, silver spoon make a brown sweetener called Sweetness and Light and it is absolutely LUSH!!! Morrisons sell it and I eat it more than Splenda white now. It's especially good in porridge! :)
Thanks, you've been a big help - the sweeteners are quite good aren't they, especially with egg whites (ie) the aforementioned meringues - a real satisfier when u need something sweet!!!! Nice and sharp too, the lemon - I rang out of Quark (300g req) so I substituted the remainder with a bit of fromais frais plus pineapple fat free yoghurt and it worked a treat!!! Supersize/Superskinny on now!!!

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