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Hi all!

Just wondered if anyone here swims for exercise? I know it's daunting, I don't think I've been since 2002, but I found out the other day that my local pool does adults only swim from 9-10pm. My bf and I went down to have a look and there was absolutely no one there! Except the lifeguards of course.

So I've ordered a nice cheap Tankini from Peacocks and will be going next Tuesday night while my bf is at the gym! I'm hoping to be able to tone while burning calories, I find the gym sooooo boring, but I really want to do something about my arms (and the rest of me) because I hate having to wear long sleeves all the time :(

I'm a bit clueless though, I've been looking online to see if there are any swimming training programs to build up stamina. I will need to do measurements as well in case the numbers on the scales don't move.

So if anyone else has any suggestions, they are welcome!
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Fluffy lil flutterby :)
depending on how much you can swim, do it in 3 sessions- warm up- main session- swim down

my average program when i swim:

200m warm up (mix of front crawl and backstroke)

2x100m (1x front crawl, 1x backstroke) 30 sec break between each
4x50m (1x f/c, 1x breastroke, 2x backstroke) 15 sec break between each
8x 25m (mix of all 4 strokes) 15 sec break
2x100m (legs only- with kick board- any stroke)
2x 50m (fast pace- any stroke) 30 sec break
2x 25m (fast pace- any stroke) 30 sec break

200m swim down (any stroke- easy pace)

really variety will keep you going- if you just swim up and down you'll get bored-i know i do. doing a mix of different strokes and paces will keep you going- dont forget to take breaks- so you dont get horrible lactic acid build ups :)

hope this helps :)


Fluffy lil flutterby :)
I used to swim competitively, 2 sessions a day, 6 days a week, and 1x 1 session

leisurely, i've only just started going back- in the last few weeks. ive been given a 3 month free gym/swim pass so making the most of it. i suffer with anxiety- and it petrifies me to walk around in a cozzie. but as im losing more weight- i'm getting a bit more comfortable going :)
You can also get free swimming by buying wAter and using the lid as the payment. I dont remember the make of it so just look in the chilled drinks at tesco and asda etc.
Thanks Emma, I will definitely look for that!

I am worried about walking around in a costume as well! But I'm going late at night so it's quiet, and the costume is a Tankini so it covers a lot! I'll try and attach a pic.

I loved swimming as a child so I really hope this becomes an enjoyable form of exercise.


I LOVE swimming, my parents say I could swim before I could walk lol I go once a week at the mo, did 24 lengths yesterday, I up the lengths every time I go :) I have an options card, as I'm a carer, so i get in half price, which is really helpful! I'm also going to be starting an excercise programme soon, which gets me in for free! So I'll be able to go alot more! Really looking forward to it! :) I wear a red bathing suit that has tummy support and padded cups and I also wear some knee length hawaii shorts lol I don't like my thighs, so I feel more comfortable in shorts :)


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Bon Marche do costumes that are like minidresses I've now got 2. They're good for swimming but not so good for waterfit as the skirt goes up in the water as you jump around and gets caught on your hands lol. But they're nice to wear and hide a lot of sins
I did consider wearing shorts but I wasn't sure if normal clothing was allowed? It's been a while since I've been!
PinkToaster said:
I did consider wearing shorts but I wasn't sure if normal clothing was allowed? It's been a while since I've been!
I wear board shorts with my swimming costume, got them for £5 from sports direct. I wouldn't go swimming without them :)

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Fluffy lil flutterby :)
I did consider wearing shorts but I wasn't sure if normal clothing was allowed? It's been a while since I've been!
our swimming pool allows shorts as long as they arent too baggy and as long as they're above the knee- tshirts arent allowed

i just wear a towel over my costume then throw it off to the side as i jump in the pool, heehee


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I swam a lot as a kid, and still prefer it. No stress on my knees, which have always been dodgy, and no unpleasant sweating and feeling hot and blegh.

I worry about wearing a cozzie, but just do it anyway. I wear a normal one, not a swimdress or shorts. The first time I walked out into the pool area this year I held my float in front of me to try to cover up! I would have been over 300lbs at that time!

Nobody has ever said anything or laughed at me- in fact the only comment I had from one woman was praise for how much swimming I was doing, whereas she said she "couldn't be bothered!".

I try to avoid the summer holidays and weekends, because of kids and teenagers who I think might snigger, but other adult swimmers are fine. So don't be scared. If I can do it at 300lb, so can you all!
Yes, I am worried about sniggering which is why I plan to go at 9pm for adults only! I think I'll just power walk out of the changing room and into the pool lol! We live in a small town so will hopefully be quiet.

I agree with swimming being a nice change to hot, sweaty exercise. I always feel uncomfortable and get bright red in the face, which is embarrassing! I thought it might be different swimming :)
I swim once a week and have built up the number of lengths since March. I really enjoy it, I go on a Friday night and find it is my switch off time between work and the weekend. I let my mind go completely blank and just count lengths. No one pays any attention to me and I find that at the time I go the same people seem to be there each week. I then reward myself with 20 minutes in the jacuzzi or hot tub. Bliss!
Well, I'm off for my first swim tonight! I'm looking forward to it. I hope that it becomes enjoyable exercise for me, because the only other exercise I like is Zumba, and it's hard for me to find classes on a regular basis.

Wish me luck! :)
It went quite well I think, I was totally by myself which is what I wanted, but once it happened I felt self conscious because the poor lifeguard had to sit and watch me!

I need to work on my breaststroke technique. The way I was doing it, it seemed as though my back was concave (as though I were leaning back with my bum out) but that's the way it felt natural to swim.
But doing that gave me backache. So I don't really know how to sort that out? I tried swimming with my bum lower but felt like I was treading water.

Otherwise it was nice!
Glad you enjoyed your first swim! Wow, a whole pool to yourself, very lucky! Ours is always packed!....keep at it and your technique will improve with practice. Try to really reach out as far in front of you as you can (as if you were to dive-if that makes sense?) this should naturally sort you out. How about back stroke? That's my favorite.

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