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Swine Flu and children - worried Mum

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Sorry if there's already been a post on this, but my daughter is just 2 and i'm so worried she can't have the jab as she is 'otherwise healthy'.

Is anyone else worried? What are you thoughts?

i just find it so scary and awful that last year they pushed them to have it as they were so high risk and this year they aren't even thought children are dying. They still give it to over 65's who are otherwise healthy even though they don't seem to be being affected by it!!

What do you think?:cry:
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Aww *hugs* As a teacher I got really worried I might catch it but from what I have seen, if you are healthy then you should be able to fight it off like normal flu, the people who it will effect badly are those like my brother who have bad asthma.

Best thing you can do is teach your daughter to be ultra hyginic which I realise will be had at 2 but show and teach her how to wash her hands propperlly will help (just saying this as my kids 11+ dont know how to!!)

They have also said that the levels of flu are normal, and that the media is just going mad with the story, there are not more people who have it than normal. Hope thats helped a little xx
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Thanks Custardlipstick. I just am a worrier full stop and this is really niggling me a lot! I get a bit panicky about it lol. My OH keeps telling me to stop worrying about the things i have no control over, but thats easier said than done :)



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I have a 5 year old and a nearly 2 year old and last year chose to decline the swine flu jab for both of them on the grounds that the risk to them was low and the vaccination is totally unproven as it is so new. I wasn't so much worried about them keeling over as soon as they had it, but was concerned that there may be long term effects that are as yet unknown. I have a couple of friends who work in the pharmaceutical (sp?) industry and they opted out for the same reason. Only time will tell if it was the right one! Still, i can understand your concern, I still worry about it a bit and my decision would have been different if they fell into a higher risk group. If you definitely want her to have it is there anywhere you can pay for it privately?
Turn the news off and don't read what the media are saying! It's scary but most people are fine and just get normal flu, it's only a very small percentage who get it bad and this is the same every year!!! It's no different this year apart from swine flu is also doing the rounds. We all had it over Christmas and although it wasn't pleasant it's really nothing to worry about. My kids are 5 & 7 and they just went from temp and sleepy to bouncing round the house. It took about 3 weeks to go and we have all been left with horrible coughs but really it wasn't that bad...
It's hard not to worry when everytime you turn the tv on or open the paper it's all that's being talked about, the media really do not help at all!
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I find it all so confusing. None of the supermarkets etc that are doing jabs for adults are doing it for children and i have googled it, but cant seem to find anywhere that does.

Then I agree with what you said about the jab being so new and i wonder if i should just leave it (although she did have it last year).

I just wish the media wouldn't go on so much about it!


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According to this link - Swine Flu - Symptoms - NHS Choices - it doesn't look like they're considering children (of any age) to be high risk this time round.

It is already known that you are particularly at risk if you have:
chronic (long-term) lung disease
chronic heart disease
chronic kidney disease
chronic liver disease
chronic neurological disease (neurological disorders include chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease)
immunosuppression (whether caused by disease or treatment)
diabetes mellitus
Also at risk are:
patients who have had drug treatment for asthma within the past three years
pregnant women
people aged 65 and older

Might explain the lack of jabs??
I had my usual flu jab this winter, which I have because of a health concern.

The people in the list you mention are not for the most part getting specific swine flu jabs, they are getting the general one which people on that list get every year, which this winter includes swine flu protection as part of the same jab (unlike last winter when they were separate).

Every winter I get a regular telephone call every couple of days from my GP's surgery until I get round to going in and having it done. I am sure they wouldn't do that if it were not cost effective (the cost of giving me the jab is less than the potential cost of my being ill).


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This years seasonal flu jab, has the swine jab incorporated into it. You can get one done at a pharmacy. Tesco and morrisons do them, i think its £9 for one at morrisons
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As longas you are doing everything you can to keep your little one healthy then I wouldn't worry.

I know my daughter is 7 and my mum rang up panicking last week that she should have the jab but I said that my daughter has no other health worries so I am not getting her the jab. I am however having to nag my niece to have the jab as she is a teacher who gets colds etc and is also 26 wks pregnant and her sister who was pregnant last yr had swine flu.

I had the flu jab this year due to a health condition and didn't realise until afterwards that the swine flu vaccine is included in this yrs shot.


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we had the injection at work for free (i work in a secondary school) but i wanted to give mine to my 4 year old, but they wouldnt let me. i have tried to get him injected but the only place is private and it is £150. makes me sick.

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