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  1. cherylxx

    cherylxx Silver Member

    CD sole source
    hi guys,
    just wanted to post to say... i have been on lipotrim for the last 3 weeks and other than boredom with the limited flavour and tired to death of drinking plain water and black tea, i was finding it ok.
    However, i changed over to CD this morning and OMG i wasted 3 weeks when i could have been doing this!!!
    I even hesitated the switch over incase i dont get the same weight losses but after having my first shake this morning (chocolate mint) and also having my orange flavoured water (yummy) i am over the moon with the difference in taste.
    still hoping i get the same weight loss but i think im going to find these shakes and the extra variety in the diet soooo much easier than lipotrim.
    woohoo for CD. im loving this change already as u may be able to tell.
    the orange water woke my sleeping taste buds up and gave them a work out for which they were eternally grateful.
    so, just wanted to tell everyone who is perhaps on lipotrim and wondering whether to switch...... if u like bland and tasteless stay with lipotrim, if u prefer tasty and satisfying switch switch switch :)
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  3. Eclipse

    Eclipse Gold Member

    Its amazing to think that they are made by the same people isn't it!! lol
  4. Camilla

    Camilla Silver Member

    Yahoo! for making the change! I'll phone tonight XX:):):):)
  5. Sarette

    Sarette Gold Member

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    Cambridge Weight Plan
    Well done on making the change, I hope you see the same results :)
  6. Dobbie

    Dobbie I will get to goal .....

    Weight Watchers
    Best of luck with CD - hope your taste buds approve of the change ;):D
  7. Kitteh

    Kitteh Resident geek

    im glad your enjoying the change.. hehe..
    i guess its different for some people.. im a cder.. and i looooove the different flavours.. i think i could happily stay on cd forveer.. (unfortunitly i cant.. lol.. gotta go back to stupid food.. lol)

    x x x
  8. Gemma1986

    Gemma1986 Im just me!

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    good luck with the cd
  9. cherylxx

    cherylxx Silver Member

    CD sole source
    ty for the replies everyone.
    i havent felt as good as i do today for a long time.
    think its general excitement for some flavour and finally getting the chance to chew (bars). i know there were flapjacks but im a bit of a wuss and with all the bad press ppl were giving them i figured i might as well chew a cereal box as spend money on them so i never bothered buying them. lol.
    having the orange drink today. i never thought fruity would be soooo good.:)
    ok, ive praised cd enough for now,
  10. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member

    best of luck to ya :) :) i love cd :)
  11. louale

    louale Silver Member

    Lighter Life
    Me too!

    Hi Cheryl,

    I also did the switch today from Lipotrim and had been doing Lipotrim for 3 weeks too. Can't believe how nice the soups and milkshakes are, they actually taste yummy!

    I'm too a little concerned about not losing as much weight, but it appears that everyone is doing soooo well on this diet, and it will all come off if we stick to it - more of a chance of that happening now that we are on CD.

    Can't wait for next week to try out one of the chocolate bars.

    Best of luck to you, I'll be keeping an eye out for your weight loss next week.

    Louale x
  12. Skatie

    Skatie Nearly "Normal"

    Started on Lipotrim, on Cambridge now!!
    freaky, i did the exact same thing today, have had a leek and potato soup and a chocolate bar already.... and berry water.

    i nearly weed, everything was SOOOOO tasty. i'd braved an LT flapjack and can safely say it was GRIM, and I like airplane AND School dinners, I have low standards.

    Only difference is that I'm now in my 5th week, not my 4th like you guys. but other than that, I totally understand.

    Ooh, and I bought one of everything, I'm not gonna eat the same thing twice this week!!!!!! How exciting's that???
  13. cherylxx

    cherylxx Silver Member

    CD sole source
    hiya, nice to see im not the only one switching over today.
    my cdc allowed me to get the bars already since ive been on lipotrim for 3 weeks.
    ive had a choc mint shake (closed eyes and thought of after eight mints) a veg soup (heinz big soup in my mind) and a caramel bar (need u ask.... mars bar of course, lol)
    thoroughly enjoying this so far.
    i got 2 weeks supply this morning as my cdc is going on hols on saturday for a week so i got some of everything except vanilla and toffee shakes as she had run out of them.
    what on earth shall i have for breakfast... ooooooh such decisions to be made. how will i cope? lol
    happy shaking everyone:)
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