Hi All,

Im having to switch to CD from LL for financial reasons, Im gutted to have to leave my LL group and counsellor but things are really tight, but I have to stay SSing because this is the only diet that has ever worked for me, Ive lost 30lbs on LL this would have been week 12 for me.

Anyways, can anyone help me by telling me the differences and if anyone has switched how they managed going from 4 packs to 3 etc,

Thanks all for all your help in advance!! You guys are all so inspirational Ive loved reading your posts on here, hopefully one day I can help to inspire future VLCD peeps!

Luv y'all

Hi Emma Jane
I switched from LL to CD - as did several other people on here.
The differences between LL and CD are:
1. there are more flavours on CD,
2.it's cheaper!
3.we don't usually need a Doctors form completed,
5.we do add a meal on week 5 instead,
6.we offer alternative plans,
7.we don't profess to offer counselling, although will talk to you about any issues you have regarding diet/food (and some CDC's are also trained in proper counselling!),
8.and we usually see people on a 1:1 basis rather than in a group session - although again some CDC's do group sessions.

Hope I haven't missed anything out!!
Icemoose went from LL to CD and is now a CD Counsellor. You have have a nose through his blog here:


it tells you in the top when he switched so you could flick to that time in his blog to see how he got on.

I would recommend u read the whole blog, its brilliant and so utterly inspirational.

Anyways, Im sure if you up your dose of water when u get hungry that will make going from 4 to 3 packs easier.

To be honest, I find only eating 3 pretty easy thus far (am only on day 4!) some days I struggle to eat/drink my third one and its not because Im an angel cos I am a complete foodaholic!! its because I drink water until im full. about 6 litres a day.

most people on this forum seem to drink 5 to 6 a day from what I have seen.

Don't panic anyways, you seem determined and happy with the changes you have made so far. Its a shame you don't have your group anymore but I swear, this forum is full of amazing support and encouragement.

When I feel bored and wanna pick, I go and look thru the before and after pics of other forum users. it works!!!

I hope this helps and am sure others will post great info

and finally....WELL DONE on all the weight you have shifted so far. its a brilliant achievement!

Thanks guys, you have covered my main worry points, I will drink that water like there is no tomorrow, ive been between 5 and 6ltrs on LL so will keep that up, was gonna go cold turkey into 3 packs, as was thinkin of splitting one pack, but I never had a supper before I went on the diet so I should really start as I mean to contiune.

Thats a good idea to look at the before and afters I particularly like to look at I think Ann is the ladys name she has done so amazingly well, thats the lady who is in side her before trousers wowee!!! Fab!!!! I am waiting for my day to do that, hopefully by may this next year coming!!!

You are so right Icemoose is totally amazing, I want to do a similar florida thing to him, there is a pic of him before going on a ride and an after, I have a pic of me and the boyf in front on cinderella's castle and would like an after so thats the plan for Jan 2008, cant wait!!!

Well wish me luck, Im going to pick up my packs tonite!!! And thank you again for your advice and help you guys!!!!

well i'll wish you luck but i don't reckon you'll need it ;)

you'll have fun with the variety of "meals" anyways!

Splitting the packs is a good idea if you feel you need to. there are recipes to make them into bigger meals (adding ice and blending smoothies etc) on the top of this forum.

good luck with the luck u wont need lol.