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Sylver's food diary - critics welcome!

I'm new to this so hoping others will point out what I'm doing wrong. Might not manage to post everyday but will try to do it fairly often.

Breakfast: poached eggs & toast (HE B)
Snack: Apple
Lunch: Salad with chicken
Dinner: Potatoes & baked beans, 250mls milk (HE A) - literally had 10 mins to make dinner & had no frozen veg so this is why I didn't have any veg for dinner, I know I should've.

Syns: Crisps 12.5

Sunday: (went shopping, hence the skipped meals)
Breakfast: fried eggs (frylight spray) beans
Dinner: Steak, baked potato, veg

Syns: 10 x jellies = 10 syns

Kinda surprised at how little I ate really! :)
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Breakfast 2 x poached eggs, 2 x Ryvita (HEB)
Snack: Muller light yogurt
Lunch: Pasta,veg,salad,chicken
Snack: Muller light yogurt, apple
Dinner: Stir fry veg, prawns, rice
Snack: 2 x Ryvita (not checked how many syns those are yet) 2 x cheese triangles (HEA)
1 Alpen light cereal bar (3 syns)

Breakfast: lean bacon, beans, egg, 2 x wmeal bread (HEB) 2 x Laughing cow triangle (HEA)
Dinner: Chicken & veg curry with rice (all home-made so syn free)
Tea: 2 x bread (6 syns)
Syns: cinema popcorn (I think it's about 24syns for a small one!!!)

Breakfast: lean bacon, beans, 2 x wholemeal bread (HEB)
Lunch: Salad with chicken, sweetcorn, peppers, tomatoes, crumbled up Laughing cow triangles (HEA)
Dinner: Steak, onions, turnip, carrot, spinach, potato
Snacks: Muller light, banana
Syns: 2 x Alpen light bars = 8 syns

Hopefully yesterdays lesser sins makes up for the popcorn on Sunday!:eek:
Tuesday 11th October 2011

Breakfast: 2 x lean rashers cooked in Fry light spray, 2 x wmeal bread (HEB)
Snack: Muller light yogurt (coconut - yum!)
Lunch: Homemade veg soup, apple
Snack: 1 x Mikado biscuit (3 syns)
Dinner: Steak, mushrooms (fried in fry light spray) potato, baked beans. 1tbsp lowfat spread (1syn)
Snack: 2 x Alpen Light bar (7 syns)
Wednesday 12th October 2011

Breakfast: Omelette with mushroom & tomato & onion
Snack: Muller light
Lunch: Homemade veg soup, 2 slices bread (HEB)
Snack: grapes, blueberries, banana
Dinner: Garlic chicken breast, pasta, homemade tomato sauce, veg, salad.
Snack: 1 packet of Tayto crisps (10syns) - I intend on licking them and nibbling each one so that they last as long as possible! Today was weigh-in so it's my treat to myself. :8855:
Feel like I've had a bad week, though I've not done anything particularly awful...I guess tomorrow morning's weigh in will tell all!

Yesterday's food menu:
Breakfast: lean bacon, beans, mushroom, tomato, 2 x toast (HEB)
Dinner: Home made bolognese (lean steak mince, tinned tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, onion, cucumber) wholewheat spagetti & salad.
Snacks: Mullerlight toffee yogurt

Felt starved before bed and had a bowl of bran flakes, with my allowance of milk (HEA) Not sure how many syns for the bran flakes, it was a full bowl ful so I'm guessing 6 or 7. Better than binging on biccies but still wish I could've resisted!

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