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Syn formula?

S: 19st9.5lb C: 19st9.5lb G: 15st10lb BMI: 52 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hello, this is probably a newbie question, but is there a formula to work out how many syns something has?
I live in Holland so you can't get many of the same named foods here. But I noticed some people asking 'how many syns in ...'
So I wondered if there was a formula?

Soft drinks are one of my downfalls so if I could work out what my favourite Aloe is I could incorporate it.

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For foods where there are no free foods in the main ingredients then you can use 1 syn for every 20 calories. Otherwise there is no way to work it out yourself other than use the online tools or of course you can post the nutritional info here and someone can do it for you if you are not a member.
S: 19st9.5lb C: 19st9.5lb G: 15st10lb BMI: 52 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Oh it's a calorie thing?
I'm not actually an online member I have to admit. I just bought some new books on ebay as a member on another thread advised. I lost my job and so am economising and I'm hoping that writing on this site and reading Slimming Eats will be support enough. So far it's been great.

If anyone would kindly work this one out for me? The nutritional info per 100ml is:
Energy 38 kcal
Protein 0
Carbs 9.6
Fat 0
Vit C 48 mg
Calcium 12 mg

So using calories the syn value would be 10 for a 500ml bottle?
It is only worked out by calories when the food doesnt qualify for a free food allowance.

So things like snacks, icecream, drinks, sauces, soups, pizza, pastry items, pre packed sandwiches etc can all be worked out using 1 syn for every 20 calories

All other foods WITH a free food allowance must be worked out using the online calculater, this is the only way to get syns for those types of foods as it has a complex formula and takes into account calories, protein, carbs and fat etc it also looks at the type of free food it has in it.
You dont state what the bottle is, i am assuming a drink or sauce both of which have no free food allowance.

So if it is 38 calories for 100 ml and the bottle is 500ml, you multiply 38 by 5, and then, divide by 20 for your syn value.

Making it 9.5 syns for 500mls
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S: 19st9.5lb C: 19st9.5lb G: 15st10lb BMI: 52 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks very much, it's a soft drink, not really mainstream here, called Aloe from a company called Tropical. I'm just a bit addicted to it so working out in advance what it's going to cost me!

It's at least better than Red Bull my last fad:eek:
Thanks for explaining it further.

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