Syn Free Chicken Drumsticks?! help! (Panicing!)


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I read that drumsticks with the skin off were free on EE, so I ate 2 yesterday as snacks. Then I saw that roast chicken drumsticks from a shop had syns, quite a lot like 5 1/2 syns?!?! I'm hoping that is the value with the skin on.

So if i take the skin off shop bought chicken drumsticks, are they free on EE/Red?

ps. are ALL mullerlight yoghurts really free on EE?!

Answers would be much appreciated :)
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Not sure about the chicken - if you buy and cook them yourself and remove the skin, they're free. The rotiserie style chickens you can buy in the supermarkets often have syns even with the skin removed because the chickens are cooked with a lot of fat.

Not all Mullerlights are free - all except those with a fruit layer at the bottom (layers ones and the cherry chocolate one).
chicken drumsticks

The drumsticks would be free on EE with the skin removed, the skin would add quite a lot of syns! Also how they are cooked, they may be cooked in oil and not fry light!
Hope this helps!


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Just to add that the special edition lemon cheesecake Muller is also not syn free.