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Syn savings


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Instead of using butter/spread on sandwiches spread a laughing cow triangle from HE A allowance thinly on the bread.


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Boil a clove of garlic in with your potatoes, and mash with your cheese triangle hex allowance! Yummy!
Better than butter!


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Use smooth cottage cheese in place of marg/butter on crispbreads/bread etc. for a totally free spread.
Make sure it's VERY LOW FAT cottage cheese!!! You can also use QUARK for a totally free spread, but we can't use it "undoctored" so wizz 112g cheese (we use very strong Cheddar) into a 250g tub of quark, add some coarse black pepper and use this as TWO people's healthy A choice for TWO days - delicious, had it on Scan Bran earlier! (and it improves in the fridge overnight).
N.B. This was not my idea originally - learnt it at SW Club a few weeks ago. Also think this thread is great, and hope we get lots of ideas.

Think it would be good on jacket pots too.....
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quorn all the way! i use it in almost everything now! although its free on both i find it most useful on green because means you can have it with however many carbs you want too!

off to make quorn arribiata pasta 4 dinner i think!

I love a bit of cold pasta salad (as well as cold baked beans!!!) with my salad. I bought a big tub of Sainsbury's tomato and basil pasta the other night - mainly because it was reduced from £1.59 to 40p, and the calories etc didn't look too bad!

Shock horror!!! - Hubby calculated it at about 15syns, and 'cos it was on its sell by date had to be eaten quick!

I suddenly thought of making up a tomato and herb MugShot, putting it in the 'fridge overnight, and using that with my next salad!

It worked! Hubby said he actually PREFFERED it to the synful one - I didn't, but it was certainly a good substitute! Best of all, one MugShot makes almost the same volume as the bought salad, and it's COMPLETELY FREE on Green or EE!!!
I don't really have anything exciting to add but discovered the purple top Arla milk they sell in ASDA has the same HEX a value as skimmed milk (350ml) but tastes like semi skimmed!

My other tip is if I only have semi skimmed milk in the fridge. I fill my allowance container upto 250ml and then add a bit of water to the 350ml line. Makes my tea and coffee intake go a bit further LOL


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Is this the 1% milk? If so then I'm afraid it's classed the same as semi-skimmed milk rather than skimmed and so you can only have 250ml. Skimmed milk has between 0.1% and 0.3% fat so a bit less than the new 1% type.
Thanks for that, at least I know now! Maybe my group leader misheard me but I'm lucky it didn't affect my weight loss in any way because I rarely used all of my allowance x
Syn free tomato puree for pizzas etc

Posted this in syn values, but missed this thread, so will add it now. Just reduce a carton or two of passata on the stove! Had it tonight on a Vixxster's own HEB pizza base, ham & mushrooms. Mmmmmmmm!
Puree can be frozen into portion sizes too. Saves half a syn per level tablespoon

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