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synning things cooked in oil

It is something I have been wondering for a while.

Say you make your own fish cakes and fry them in some oil, a good measure. However most of the oil is left in the pan, so theoretically you dont need to syn the whole amount of oil used, but my question is how to you estimate how much oil is absorbed into them to syn?

You can tell I have too much thinking time on my hands lol
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Wouldn't the easiest thing be just to only use a little bit of oil...like say a teaspoon, which isn't much. For a couple fish cakes, that would probably be just right and there wouldn't be much left? or do you shallow fry?
However, I always wonder the same thing, when cooking with oil and shallow frying something- because clearly there isn't much oil actually absorbed. Interesting...
Haha, maybe measure it out, put it in the pan, cook, then measure out what's left over! Whatever has gone, you need to syn :p
I'd just measure what's left like Clairebear says. It's not exact as there's likely to be some water/juices from what you're cooking there too but it'd a rough idea, maybe syn a touch more than whats left to allow for the water/juices.
Yeah i was thinking you could do it like that. Is not like i actually deep fry anything very often, but it just crossed my mind last night, as you do lol. Somethings do need that crispyness though, so it would actually be handy to know.
Yeah I agree that sometimes oil just does the trick- I used a teaspoon of olive oil to fry my potatoes cubes at breakfast :) So much crispier!
I also find with roast potatoes, fry light doesn't ALWAYS get the crispiness of oil :eek:

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