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Synning Wine


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I saw a recent thread on wine and syns per bottle (26 approx) and wondered if like me there were whole bottle drinkers out there.

Most nights I have 2 glasses (saving the other half for the next night) - but some days/nights its the whole bottle depends if its lunch for work/socially or dinner out or at home.

On those days I will tend to either skip lunch before or skip lunch the next day to try to alleviate the damage. Kinda drinking the calories/syns rather than eating them. I'm not a big snacker and can keep away from sweet things, but wine either socially or me alone after the kids have gone to bed is my nemesis.

I don't think its a problem as |I can have days/weeks without drinking, and I don't drink beer or spirits, but as with lots of thoughts on this site just wondered who else was out there
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I could quite easily drink 3 -4 bottles in a weekend. Love my wine. I never use to count it on WW or now that I'm on SW (no wonder I wasn't losing weight) but now I know that is wrong.

In recent weeks I've cut my intake right down and only allow myself 2 -3 bacardi & soda water instead, keeping within my syns. I'll not reach for the wine unless it's a special occasion!


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I don't know either, though would be interested to hear what others say.
If I know I am going to be going out drinking, I tend to stick to superfree foods all day so that I am saving my calories for the booze too.



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I drank a bottle every night. Sometimes more. No if I am honest most nights it was more. I had done that every night without fail for at least 12 years.

One day I got up and decided no more. From then on I lost weight. I do not miss it at all and feel I will never drink again.

The first week was tough but after that nothing, no desire to drink.

I didn't realise that drinking to that extent was a contributory cause of depression and insomnia.I didn't know how good I would feel without it.....I now feel fit and alert at all times. My skin is better, my eyes more alive, I LOSE WEIGHT.

I am not preaching. I never sit in judgement on anyone and we all do what we feel is right or good for us, but when you consider an average bottle of wine has from 300 to 500 calories that is a heck of a lot of empty, useless calories.

It is a really bad idea to substitute good, healthy food for alcohol.

I suppose that once again it is a case of " all things in moderation "

Forgive me if I do sound holier than thou. I promise you I am not and respect that you can and will do what you know is best for you.
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Pre-SW, I had a wine-a-holic. Now I try to stick to Vodka & Diet Coke.

But, I do sometimes drink wine, like tonight. And once I get started, I can't stop. I've stopped myself tonight because I have commitments tomorrow. But normally on a wine night out, I drink so much that I forget how much I've drank, therefore syns don't count, and I just guesstimate how much the night was.

But, if I have 1 glass, it's 9 syns. I just save my syns up for a night out (don't eat syns during the day then have 15 on a night out) x


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I used to drink a lot but started on long term medication which means I can't drink (it just immediately sends me to sleep). I only miss it sometimes at parties when everyone is getting boozed up lol. Now I'm glad I can't drink cos I can spend my syns on something else yummy. Each to their own tho!

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I too like drinking wine, but it's very rare I'd drink a whole bottle in one go. On a Saturday night I enjoy 3 glasses of wine with MiL but when she has gone home I don't feel to need to drink more.

During the week I have my 'mid week' glass which holds just 100mls of wine = 3.5 syns, I like this glass because it means I can have a glass of wine & I'm not having a large glass just half full;)

There is nothing wrong with drinking wine just as long as you remember to count the syns, life is for living:D


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S: 12st4lb C: 11st3lb Loss: 1st1lb(8.72%)
So glad I'm not alone in this - however I do think that the wine is contributing to what I see as a slow weight loss. So this week I am going on the wagon - starting today. Problem is now I don't know what to use my syns on. We've got things like choccy biscuits and crisps (for youngest daughters packed lunch) but I've been so long without them I seem to have lost the taste - didn't even flinch when the ice-cream van came around a couple of hours ago.


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You don't have to use your syns on junk foods, you could have more bread, cereal or cheese if you wanted, or sauces, mayonnaise, oil, and ingredients for your meals. One of my favourites is coconut milk for curry.


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S: 107kg C: 85kg G: 79kg BMI: 33.2 Loss: 22kg(20.56%)
I go for cheese every time yummy!!

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