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Syns advice/query

Hello everyone, not sure if I should post this here but here goes! Apologies if wrong.

Am struggling a bit with the syns on SW, mainly because I don't really want to eat "bad" stuff every day. Don't get me wrong, I do really love eating crap, otherwise I wouldn't need to diet eh, but I would rather try and get rid of those bad things because I don't have the power to stop at say just one biscuit etc, I have to eat the whole packet.

Is it ok to not have any syns at all some days? I am getting full up on rice, pasta etc and only having syns between say 2 -5 a day and they are usually a slice of bread or similar.

Previously I have had high cholesterol so I know what I should eat so it seems wrong to eat "crap/bad" stuff doesn't it?!!!!

I hope this post makes sense because I am really waffling but I see on some posts that you should have syns every day and on others that you can save up, then some where you shouldnt etc etc, and some saying you won't lose weight unless you have your syns, am a little confused lol!!!!

Alcohol would be my fave syn, can you save up each week?

Thanks in advance, P x
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Watch this space...
You don't have to use your syns on crap :)

I use mine in my meals. Olive oil or light Mayo etc. Or a low fat yogurt that might have 2 syns (even though I like the free ones too).

Or a treat meal once a week as you can save your syns up for it.

I also don't see the point of eating the same crap that made me put on weight while trying to take it off but syns are meant to be your leeway I think - so you don't go completely off the rails!

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Watch this space...
Oh I forgot fruit juice as well. Well worth 1 syn for my glass of cranberry light.

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I tend to use a couple of syns everyday on having apple juice with breakfast. Otherwise I keep them for when I want to have something special. For instance once a week hubby and I have a treat meal - not rewarding us for being good on the diet but a treat in it being just the two of us eating out. We normally do fast food becasue we can't afford an expensive meal and while I love a McDonalds chicken salad it is nice to have the syns to have something else if I want to.
You should have at least 5 syns a day, but as above, they don't have to be rubbish foods. Have a couple of slices of bread (small loaf) or maybe 28g cheese, or cook in a tablespoon of olive oil. All are 6 syns in these quantites. I find if i skip syns for a day or two i don't lose as much.


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In the food directorys theres "smart syns" these are the best use

please dont have to few syns eating too little and not having enough cals will cause your body to store fats which will be worse

I often can use none in my food.. so i will have maybe 2 low fat hot chocolates (2 syns each) and two low cal/sugar free jelly pots (0.5 syn each) and theres your 5 syns and its low fat/cal and its treaty :)
Hi there

Im another *cr*p free zone* :D -I use nearly all my syns on olive oil, avocado, dried apricots and nuts and feel great for it.
oooh and when we move back to the UK let me at the smoked mackerel -can't get it out here and Im desperate for some now :p
Hi there,

I tend to use my syns on extra light Mayo, SW bars if I've used my HEB or I have a martini and diet lemonade (2.5 syns for 50ml so have 2 single measures lol) or I save them up and have a large glass of wine at the end if the week :)

I don't use all my suns everyday but more allow myself 70 syns a week (my consultant said to stick to 10 a day)


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