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Extra Easy Syns Allowances

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Hello peeps,

It occurred to me today that it would seem different consultants tell us different things.

I have seen on here that many of you are having up to 15 syns in a day, however my consultant told me to only use 10 per day.

So my questions is how many syns do you use in a day?
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Hi there

they say to use 5-15 syns a day, some consultants say to use 10syns initially to allow for errors in weighing etc whilst you get used to the plan...
ooh and I vary -depending what mood Im in (I struggle to use mine)-but never over 15 a day and I use mine on a "use em or lose em" basis, others use them weekly so its whatever suits you best


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Official line is that you are "allowed" between 5-15 Syns. Most consultants recommend around 10 a day.

Many people also add up for the week ie: 105 and then use them that way so if they have a big night out they can use more.;)

If I use less than 10 a day I find I struggle to lose weight.:confused:

See what works best for you, point is you don't deprive yourself of the odd treat

Good Luck
S: 152kg C: 152kg G: 88.9kg Loss: 0kg(0%)

If I use less than 10 a day I find I struggle to lose weight.:confused:

Aye I have found that as well!

the weeks I think I was been really good eating free all week and using little or no syns my weight loss is dreadful.

Thanks for your replies ladies x


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If you look in the SW lit how many syns a day you have can depend on how much weight you have to loose and how heavy you where when you started. The syn ammount ranges from 5-20 though 5-15 is the average general amount. Our C advocates both weekly or daily depending how you like to work it. I prefer mine daily and raely have over 10


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Purple Sky, where have you seen up to 20 syns? I have read through my books with a fine tooth comb and have never seen anything other than the 5-15 syns advocated.

I do mine daily too and have between 10-12 syns. :)


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S: 13st6lb C: 8st12lb G: 8st11lb BMI: 24.2 Loss: 4st8lb(34.04%)
Oh, That's why!!!! Thanks Purple Sky.

I'm intrigued now! I'll ask mine and see what she has, a common myths book sounds interesting. :)


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I work mine on a weekly basis so i can have a few extra when i need/want them but it averages out to about 5-10 a day. However if i felt the need i'd use up to 15. I think its whatever helps you to stick to the plan and not feel deprived. Official line is 5-15 but if you feel you need a few more to enable you to stick to plan then i personally think thats better than coming off it altogether. xx


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Every official literature I've seen (in starter packs etc) says 5-15 syns a day (the mag confusingly says "around 10 syns" but then a non paying member can buy the mag anyway - you dont want to be giving all your secrets away!)

I really think that SW are trying their best to make it simple and straightforward for people - by giving a range to aim for - it means its not prescriptive, and so long as you are about right you will be okay.

But from reading this forum for a while now, it seems some people are really nervous about this freedom and want to know exactly how many syns they can have each day/week etc.

Its a guide. It means some days you might have 5, some days you might have 15, most days you will probably have somewhere in between, but in the end it all evens out so you are probably going to be fine. If you have more than 15 every day you might have a problem, or if you have less than 5 most days you could be heading for a fall (especially if you are feeling deprived), but just aim for the middle ground and you'll be fine.

Consultants saying different things in different groups really doesnt help either. Mine says you should still lose weight if you are having the full 15 syns every day - she says that even when people are struggling and I dont necessarily agree - I think that if you are stuck it might be worth cutting down for a few days - but then I'm not a SW expert so I couldnt really say.

I have seen somewhere on the official site about some people with more to lose being able to have more than 15 (randomly hidden in an article about flexi-synning for some reason) but aside from that its always been 5-15 per day.
S: 152kg C: 152kg G: 88.9kg Loss: 0kg(0%)
Thanks guys,

Your replies are interesting.

I have only been registered on this forum since Sunday but am addicted already and have learned so much and got so my ideas of different things to make!

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