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Syns Help Please, Confused!!


I have just eaten the eat well new potato tomato and egg salad from M&S, the only thing that I think needs to be a syn is the salad cream.

I checked online and could not find the product, so I then entered the NV and it tells me it is 8.5.

Is this correct?

Also, would wafer thin roast chicken be free? I am new to EE.


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All of the ingredients you have listed are free on EE apart from the salad cream so the nutritional value for the whole thing added online will be correct for the salad cream.

There must be something else in it or a lot of salad cream!!

Post the NV on here if you want us to have a look xx


Nojo on the YoYo
Many of those salad pots have preservatives and things in them, because it's fresh cooked food, it has to stay that way in the pot. That's why we can have dried rice and noodles freely but the wok ready or microwave rice isn't free. oily preservatives are not your friend.

What would be good and interesting for you to do though, is to make your own version of it using your own synned extra light salad cream mixed with a bit of natural yogurt and see how syn friendly you can make your salad pot yourself and how much money you'd save making it yourself rather than buying it. :D
Its probably because it has oil in it somewhere, or something added to it to keep it fresh that has syns, i just looked online and all the eat well salads are pretty high around 8-10 syns. Dependant on the manufacturer of the wafer thin chicken, i just checked asda's version and it is 1/2 syn per 100g for that at 1syn per 100g for the roast chicken. So pretty low, considering a 100g is half the pack! So munch away hehe!

I am sure someone on here can give you a better reason to why the salad is so high! Always best to make it at home if you can, sometimes a pain but planning is everything! xx
It is a a little sachet, I would guess at a tbsp which would be 2.5.

Ah ha, just checked the tub it is 300g and it says the salad cream makes up 6%, anyone know how to work this out?
The NV are as follows :-

Kcal 55

Protein 2.9

Carbohydrate 5.4

Fat 2.4

The above is for 100g the total of the salad is 300g.

There is not any oil in the salad only in the salad cream it as on the back it says:-

Ingredients - New pots (24%) Iceburg lettuce, Cooked free range egg (17%), toms (16%), cucumber, spring onions, salad cream dressing (6%).

Then it goes on to say what is in the salad cream, water, sugar, rapeseed oil etc...

When I put the NV in to the calculator online, I didn't put any of the above as freefood as you can only make two selections. Would this make a difference as to why it said 8.5?
I think it is the lettuce, cucumber and onions as these do not have a % against them.

I am going to syn it as 2.5 for the salad cream as the others are free foods and no oil or anything on the salad. Do you think that is around 18g?

This is really hard, I often buy my lunch at M&S and yesterday I had the king prawn noodle salad which is listed and is only 3.5 syns...

Perhaps I need to start making my own salads, will be cheaper and easier to syn too.

I have just it again by using the eggs and pots as free foods and it says 3 syns... this is really confusing as say I put the salad as free food would the syns be different again?

I wasn't far off then with my 2.5 syns....

Thanks for all your help!


Naughty Fridge Picker
Tell you I was very shocked looking up the salads from Tescos. They do a layered salad with prawns, the only thing that appears to not be free is the thousand island dressing, it has salad and pasta and prawns. It was an humungous 17 1/2 syns. In fact some fo theor salads are 30+ syns. So sometimes you think your doing the right thing opting for a salad on the hop when your out only to discover with horror that they are full of syns. Quite an eye opener hmmm!!


Fighting the bulge
4½ Syns per package/portion on Extra Easy
4½ Syns per package/portion on Green
8½ Syns per package/portion on Original

Ok so i re-entered it (without the chicken) and it still comes up as this?!? I think you're safe to put it as 4.5 syns! xx
That is really strange as I get 3, see below, I put pots as my green free food, and eggs as my other. I also tested this by putting eggs and lettuce and I still get 3.

3 Syns per package/portion on Extra Easy 4½ Syns per package/portion on Green 3 Syns per package/portion on Original

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