Syns in Costco Jacket Potato with Chilli and Cheese


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I am going to Costco for dinner and I was wondering how many syns are in the Jacket Potato with Chilli and Cheese (I will use the cheese as my healthy extra)

any help would be great, thanks!
Well a tin from a supermarket ranges from 6-10 depending on brand.

I go here a lot at weekends and I always have cheese and beans. Use HEX a for cheese then it's free
Don't they put butter in their jackets? Last time I had one (just beans!) I thought the potato was quite buttery.
Which Costco do you go to mines derby. It's kept in the chiller with the the chicken wraps and just gets passed to you with ur jacket
Does make you wonder tho if ur not offered it maybe they do put it on at yours. Can also see them take out potato put into container and just slice it and put fillings on