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I will do this!!!


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You don't have to have syns every day but it is recommended to have a minimum of 5. Your losses won't be as good if you don't have them - no idea why but most people find they have better losses if they have at least 10 syns a day.



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''Your losses won't be as good if you don't have them'' Can anyone explain this as I don't think its correct? I thought they where there so you could still have the odd treat here and there and by doing so you are more likely to stick to plan. So by eating them you won't actually lose more than by not eating them, but are there as a ''comfort zone''. I have seen this quote in a number in threads and think its misleading a bit or am I wrong and if I am can someone explain how you lose more my eating more?



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So, it is different for everyone, but as a general rule when you first start, you do need to eat at least some, if not all your syns to loose weight. Its to do with metabolism i think. I find i loose more if i eat about 80 - 90 syns a week. I tried limiting to less than 50 one week and maintained - i also loose if i have all 105 syns.

Also, at some point you stop losing weight, and generally people find at that point they can kickstart losses by reducing syns. If you aren't eating very many already, you will start to reduce free & superfree foods - and then you will be hungry - and then you will be more likely to fall off the wagon.

Finally - 1 syn is equal to 20 calories. You need to eat 3200 extra calories in a week to gain a pound, so eating them all, at least in the first instance is not going to result in a gain.

Syns are an integral part of the SW plan!


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I think kingleds is right, my consultant says it's because there is a huge psychological aspect to weight loss and if your body believes it can't have treats it begins to slow your metabolism. I don't know how true that is but I also find my losses suffer if I have less than 10 syns per day. I usually have around 12 a day.


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I am sure there is a very brainy scientific answer - however, my answer is that if you only eat free foods, you might not consume enough calories to burn off fat!?

Also think of SW as a recipe for success. If you are given 3 ingrediants, Heathly Extras, Free Foods & Syns - why would you not have one of the ingrediants? It wont work as well because it has been designed to have 3 componants.

Bit like leaving the sugar out of making a cake. It would still be a cake, but wouldnt be as good!!! (haha)



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Ellebear I think thats exactly it as thats what I read somewhere. I googled how does food optimising work the other day and it explained that the free foods are basically low calorie filling foods, ie usually fill us up quickly with least calories, so if we don't have any syns our calorie intake may be too low and our body thinks we are starving it and holds onto... thats the best way I can explain what I read and maybe I'm wrong, but it did make sense


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Also why would you not want to have your syns! Losing weight whilst still eating chocolate - erm... Yes please!
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I'm not entirely sure how it all works, but I try to think of it this way.
If I'm eating veg, salad and fruit for the majority of the day, then there is no real fat for my body to break down...
That's where the syns come in, to give your body the calories/sugar and fat it needs to burn off :)

Week before last, I had 86 syns for the week and lost 3lb!
Last week, I lowered my syns (56) and only lost half a pound.

There's a method in the madness I assure you.


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i can't imagine doing sw without syns, it wouldn't be sw. wether it be sauces with my meal, choccie or a yorkshire pud etc. but some days i will only use a couple, others i will use the full 15 but i never really make a conscious effort to have or not to have them.
Yes, also worth noting that syns don't have to be naughty stuff. Of course alot of the time mine are, but I also use them for Olive Oil in cooking, gravy on dinner, bit of butter in mash, yorkies with my sunday dinner etc


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S: 16st8lb C: 13st4.6lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 30.3 Loss: 3st3.4lb(19.57%)
If I'm feeling particularly virtuous I use them for some avocado in my salad :)
i think you're right, so are you saying that you never need to reduce your syns if you stop losing? I used to have 15 a day, and then i stopped losing because i wasn't filling up my plate with super free foods, and then i ate more of them then lost more; and now i've stopped?? And i tried reducing my syns to 10 a day and it didn't work.

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