T_T's (hopefully!) dimishing returns!

So today I did 11k steps without even leaving the house! Bit of a lazy day, urm... recovering... from rugby presentation night yesterday. It got messy! But then got myself in gear, and did a few Get Fit with Rick videos, and half an hour of standing pilates.

Scales were up slightly yesterday. But I expected that, having increased the exercise a lot again. I'm sure it will level off soon.

Going to batch cook some veggie mince this evening, so I have something ready to go for meals for the next few days.
Mixed things up and had scrambled eggs for breakfast, instead of fruit and yogurt. Lots of research around at the moment about sweet vs savoury breakfasts, which has been making me think!

I have dance tonight, and then planning to do some Get Fit with Rick when I get home. I signed up for a 12 day challenge. But seeing as I'd already worked out yesterday, I didn't do the specified routine. I'll probably do both tonight.

Things all up in the air with work and funding at the moment. I think my secondment will stand (I'm maternity cover for a year), but it's not nice for the team I've been managing.
Well, I must be doing something right, as I've been asked to act as Project Manager on another ongoing project. The stakeholder do have their own PM, but having seen his idea of a project plan yesterday, I can totally understand why I've been asked to come on board. It's actually really nice being busy, and having to prioritise workload again. I'm learning so much and just feeling challenged has been a confidence boost.

I've added GFWR videos almost daily. I was a bit annoyed on Sunday, when OH was meant to be out with his work lot, but decided not to go. I went for a swim instead, and I still managed 10k steps. The best thing is not needing much space, so I can do them in the bedroom if he's in the living room (not ideal, but still works!)

Week four of this dance - Footloose - which has been brilliant fun. Means I also have my "extra" class booked for Saturday morning. I'm not pushing myself to be up early at the moment, but making sure I get my steps in, and swimming more frequently is definitely helping.

I've been a bit slack in terms of actually planning meals, but on the whole eating well. Just need to stop the afternoon fridge trips. Perhaps I should work from the office more often?! It helps that I've found a good "short loop" to walk when it's darker after work at the moment. I can't wait for lighter evenings!
Great news on your job - well done. And well done on getting those steps in, too
Thanks Ali.

Feeling a bit frustrated with the scales. I seem to be stuck around the 182lbs mark. I know there are changes needed, but it never quite seems the right time. I know that this weekend will mean beer (6 Nations, drinking with the boys is not the time to stick to white spirits!)

Just annoying, as I know I've upped the exercise. I probably need to get back into a better routine of measuring, as clothes are definitely fitting differently. I saw a photo from a year ago, and was quite shocked by the difference in my face (in a good way!)

Made a delicious beetroot, sweet potato and ginger soup last night. Had it with air fried salmon, and added some spinach. Meals in themselves are good, it's the snacking I need to work on. Especially when I'm working from home and it's just too easy!
Had a lovely flying visit to London - wish we could have stayed longer, but had to be back Saturday evening, as OH was working yesterday. Food choices are between okay and brilliant, but with a lot going on at the moment, I'm focussing on the exercise side of things, and making good choices where I can. Okay... so pints probably weren't the best choice...

Lots of walking over the weekend, which was a good thing. Dance class tonight - I was so tired this morning, I didn't get up to exercise before work. But OH is working close tonight, so I think I'll come home after dance, and make sure I get steps in.
Good determination, Tranquility. Glad you enjoyed London.
Dance was good last night, and then got up and did a couple of Get Fit With Rick workouts this morning. We're out with OH's family for dinner tonight (which has been a nightmare with plans changing, but I think we're sorted with where we're going now!)

Zumba isn't on tomorrow, but still have Pilates, and I've booked dance on Thursday. Lots of busy evenings for me!
Such a lovely weekend: partner's eldest was down to watch the rugby with us. It was our first session back at walking rugby, so he came along to that as well. Great to be back, and even better that it didn't rain! We don't get to see him often, so it was really nice to spend the weekend together.

Dance last night was fun as always. And then had a sports massage from my pilates instructor this evening. Works wonders on my shoulders, back and hips. Will definitely be booking in with her again. And then have pilates and zumba tomorrow!
4lbs off. Quite surprised in some ways, but I also know I've been a bit more consistent with workouts and food has generally been better. No rugby training this morning - ground is just too wet. But heading up for a meeting about upcoming festival invites. Long way to go for that, but be nice to see everyone. Then catching up with some friends for the rugby this afternoon.
I know... I keep saying I'll start a new diary. And I'm hoping to have time in the next few weeks.

I've been suffering from imposter syndrome recently: especially in work, but also with my weight loss. I know that I'm letting myself down, but need to not beat myself up about it. And when I'm being honest, I know that my biggest pitfall at the moment is drinking. I've made a conscious effort this week, and left the wine to OH last night, and only had one glass on Monday. I am planning on a glass of white after work today, but it will be in moderation, and enjoyed in the last of the sun, with my book. I need to get out of the flat after work, otherwise I'll go mad.

Wednesday would normally be pilates and zumba, but I've got a horrible cold, and more than anything else, don't want to impact other people! It does mean that I've missed two weeks in a row, which is frustrating. But I've kept up with dance, and (weather willing), rugby is back on on Saturday.

Super excited, as we're taking a team to Heart of Wales 7's Festival in the summer. Paid to balance today, and started planning fancy dress costumes.

I'm still enjoying cooking, and excited for all of the new season veggies to available soon. Lighter evenings are definitely making after-work walks more accessible. And hopefully back into the routine of morning swim or walk. I know I feel much better for it. I just need to actually get up and do it!
Really good session at walking rugby this morning. I forgot to get any pics (too busy playing), but we were also joined by an ex-international, which was pretty awesome!

I've also realised that I've been doing Broadway Dance Fitness for over a year! How mad that I learned all of these routines...
January - I'm Still Standing from Rocketman

February - Stayin' Alive from Saturday Night Fever

March - Everybody's Talking about Jamie from Everybody's Talking about Jamie

April - Born to Hand Jive from Grease

May - Steam Heat from Pajama Game

June - Step in Time from Mary Poppins

July - Entrance to Nevada from Crazy For You

August - Don't Stop Me Now from We Will Rock You

September - We Both Reached for the Gun from Chicago

October - Town Called Malice from Billy Elliot

November - Mein Herr from Cabaret

December - Some Like it Hot from Some Like it Hot

I'm struggling a bit to get all of my classes in at the moment (I pay for 6 over 4 weeks). But make sure I practice at home as well. I'm hoping this cough clears enough to go back to Zumba and Pilates this week, as hate missing them.

I stayed in last night, and watching the games from home today. Although I am having a couple of drinks! Will probably go into town for the Wales game tomorrow. Always love a match day, and even more when the French are in town.
Broadway dance sounds interesting!😀
It’s making me feel knackered just reading all what you’re doing !😂
And to think I was that active a few years back! I really need to work on getting back there slowly but surely….

I’ve been half watching the rugby on tv
We get loads of others in town when Southampton fc are playing at home
Although Wednesday’s match was called off as there was a huge fire in the factory/warehouse next door to the stadium, you could just see bellows of black smoke , it was on the news and took a good couple of days to get it under control!😳
It's so much fun! And a lovely group of ladies as well. I've got class booked tonight, but I'm coughing up a storm, so will see how I feel later.

Yesterday was absolutely manic in town. French fans are good fun. Loads of fancy dress, music everywhere. Cardiff just absolutely bounces on a match day (even if we didn't get the result!)

I was down about 3.5lbs over the weekend, but probably drank all of that back on yesterday!

I saw about the fire on the news, Den. There have been a few huge industrial fires not far from here recently.
Well it is miserable out there today! I was logged on early for work, because my interview was meant to be today (for the job I'm doing...again). I knew my boss was ill, and had a bit of warning that it might be postponed. But it was quite good to get a good hours work in before people started needing me for other things!

Also meant that I got to finish early, so got a couple of hours of workouts in. I am LOVING Reps To The Rhythm on YouTube - just good fun, and gets me moving. That, an EmKFit Boxercise and a Get Fit with Rick got me to my 8k target, without even leaving the flat!

Dance was good last night as well. Only 5 of us in the class, so we got through a good chunk of choreography. There's a lady who's on her second routine with us, who made a point to come over and talk to me afterwards, because she said I dance beautifully. So that was a lovely compliment.

We had Indian takeaway last night. Really good curry from a place we've not ordered from in ages. So that did lunch today as well. And I'm going to have some stuffed gnocchi in a spinach sauce, with some asparagus in a bit.

OH finished at 6, but I imagine he'll probably stay in the pub for a couple of pints. There's about a glass of red left in the bottle in front of me, so I think it would be rude not to!
Cough is still causing me issues, but managed Pilates and Zumba last night. Both good classes; although Zumba much quieter than normal, because a lot of the ladies are fasting for Ramadan.

Still in limbo with my interview, but getting on with other things.

Had a lovely dinner last night, of salmon and mash with loads of veggies. Just plodding on at the moment. Things are a bit tetchy between me and OH, but we're both working a lot and it always puts pressure on us. Although he's off today, so has arranged to meet a colleague... let's see how drunk he is when he gets home :-(
As much as I love it, I'm glad the 6 Nations is over for another year. Means I can be a bit more focussed on weekends. I've let things slip a bit recently, and I can feel it. Trying to find the balance between social life and everything else.

My interview has been rescheduled for Friday. More waiting, but also more time to prep properly. Meant to be at the rugby on Thursday evening, but will see how I feel.

Dance tonight, week three of the routine, and it is coming together nicely. Glad to have our regular teacher back. Class was really good on Saturday. Got plenty of steps in over the weekend, anyway, so that's a positive. I'm hoping evening rugby training will start again soon. And that it's on a sensible day for me.
Interview went well, and I was offered the job. So that's some breathing space at least! And I genuinely love what I'm doing. It's an amazing opportunity to get experience at this level, and will hopefully make me more employable if there isn't a position when my colleague comes back from maternity.

I did go to the rugby before the game, and I'm glad. The weekend was a bit off track celebrating. Although I went for a swim early Sunday, and Monday morning. This morning, 6 miles around the Bay before work. Planning the same again, tomorrow, so will probably head for an early night.

Excited to see my parents at the weekend, as it's been ages. And nice to have some time with my OH as well.

Made crispy tofu with katsu sauce and veggies tonight. Leftovers for tomorrow, as I discovered I wasn't really hungry once I'd cooked!
Sometimes, other bits of life just get in the way. BUT I snuck onto the scales this morning, and I think I've broken the annoying plateau. I just need to be stricter with myself. The last week has been difficult and meant a bit of a routine shift, as OH hasn't been working, which has meant less home workouts. I'm really hoping the weather cheers up soon, as I just haven't felt like going for a walk or swimming in the morning.

I've been looking at recipes again, so feeling a bit more inspired food wise. That said, I'm out with my old team tomorrow, and my old old team on Saturday. So the weekend will be a balance of enjoying myself and trying to make sensible choices. We're meeting for food on Saturday at a street food place, where you just order for yourself on the app. I can see a lot of halloumi for me, as they don't have that many veggie friendly traders at the moment.