T_T's (hopefully!) dimishing returns!

Honestly, life is mental at the moment! Looked after my OH's dog at the weekend, and it was lovely to go for some long walks with her and just switch off a bit. Work is crazy and I go from feeling fine, to feeling totally out of my depth.

I know I'm not being brilliant with food, but as long as I'm aware of it, and try and keep things in perspective, I'm okay with that. OH told me to stop beating myself up - I've not got back into the routine of a morning swim or walk. But I am doing something every day after work, apart from Friday this week. And most other weeks are the same as well, between rugby, gym and dance. Don't get me wrong, I love being busy. But I need to find the right balance. I started doing more in the evenings, because he was working. And now he's moved pubs, he mostly seems to be doing Friday and Saturday nights. Which sucks for us... because they're the evenings I have free. :-( But...we're getting there.
We just had a lovely couple days in Bristol. Ate too much, definitely drank too much. But it was lovely to have some time for us. Back to it with a bang, as OH is working every close over the the BH weekend.

BUT the sun is shining today, so I'm looking forward to rugby. And we've got Ceri dog again tomorrow.

I need to be honest and stricter with myself. The wine has crept back into too many evenings. And I'm aware I'm snacking more. I have gained a few pounds, although I also accept some of that is probably water weight after beer the last few days. I know I can do it, and I feel better when I do, so I'm a bit annoyed with myself. But there's no point beating myself up, I just need to get on with it.

I've taken some tuna out to defrost and roughly planned some meals for this week. I want to get back in control of it all. And there's only one person that can be responsible for that. So this is me kicking myself up the a**se!
Been back on it this week and the pounds have dropped off.

4 mile walk before work every day (granted, the sunshine has definitely helped me out of the flat at 6am!)
Food has been more organised as well. Just feeling generally more positive. Need to address the alcohol situation, but I'm aware of that, and putting plans in place.

OH has the evening and whole weekend off, which is going to be bliss! I think we'll have the dog at least Sunday, although hopefully tomorrow, as I think we're due storms Sunday. Probably a takeaway and a few drinks this evening. But I'm fine with that.
Been a bit slack with updates, but super busy! Have managed to swim or walk every morning before work, as well as evening workouts. Scales are not particularly on my side, but I feel so much better. I am tempted to look at calories and macros again, because there's a risk I'm not eating enough sometimes. That said, it is almost certainly made up for at others!

Continues to be a PITA balancing OH's shifts and my own. He drove me absolutely bonkers when I was trying to work this morning. Must go into the office more often. Although I love the flexibility of working from home, so we'll see.

We're out for dinner with some of his family tonight. I know he wants to go out for a drink in town afterwards, but I'm in two minds. Feeling a bit stressed out by work at the moment. I know what the answer is: ask for help. But it's finding the right person, at the right time.
Been dog sitting for the weekend, which is lovely. Will be sad when she goes back today: she's currently fast asleep curled up on my sofa! We spent the weekend at OH's dad's house with the animals. The dog just doesn't settle well, and wants to follow the poor cat around constantly. So it's a nice break for both of them if I have her here for a few hours while I'm working.

I'm taking part in a month long challenge, with four workouts a week. My schedule means I can't always join the "lives", but I'm finding the time to catch up, and enjoying posting for accountability. The PT who runs it has asked me to do a post for the group on motivation - ironically, feeling a bit blocked about writing it, but I'm sure something will come to mind. Lovely walk along the river this morning, then the last two workouts from last week.

Dance this evening, and I am determined that I will get to grips with the feather boa (Mama Mia this month!) Food over the weekend was a bit all over the place, but I did enjoy pizza last night, and I think the guilt aspect is finally starting to leave. If I want something, I can eat it. I just need to be mindful and actually think about it, rather than eating as an emotional response.

The report that was stressing me out went in today. Frustrating when colleagues in other departments are difficult. But overall, pleased with what I've put in.
Hi hunny I can relate to the emotional response to eating.

Animals are good company ( and therapy) we just have a bog standard moggy ( rescue-she 11 is now) versa affectionate. OH wants a dog. Bur I can't commit to walking it...and not sure he would. Plus I like our hols, which are all in England this year so they could just come. But I am not sold on the idea. We occasionally ( when I am well enough) take our neighbours little dog for at 15/20 min walk which would be a 10 min walk for anyone else. So borrowing him is right for now.

Take care Xxx
Animals really are the best! I miss being around horses so much. But the local stables just don't have much availability when I do! A friend has started riding recently, so hoping we can book a days trekking together over the summer.

Dogs are definitely a lot of work. We do have the best of both worlds at the moment. They're away again in a few weeks, so will be nice to look after the dog and cat again.

On annual leave today, but was still up early for a swim. I need to catch up on yesterday's leg workout. But I know I'll get lots of steps in visiting family in Bath today. So I'll save that treat for tomorrow. I booked tomorrow off as as well, which means I can get to a dance class during the day for a change.

Pilates was good last night. Had to take Zumba a bit easier as ankle is a bit tender after turning it on Tuesday. Interestingly, a couple of people at rugby were talking about the success that they/their partners have had with Slimming World. It suited me at the time, but I feel so much healthier in mind and body now.
Yes I agree we are away at OH friend and he has a dog. We had lots of cuddles. Aww not really been riding but hope you get to go over the summer sounds nice.

Yep unfortunately due to my health I cannot commit. But they are lovely. Yep look after other people is good.

Hope you enjoyed your 2 days A/L sounds like you been very busy. I love Bath. Bet you got lots of steps in. Hope your ankles OK.

Glad slimming world suits you and you heard positive stories. I like the overnight oats and baked oats, and I must admit I try to add more fruit veg to my meals and majority of the time still cut fat off my meat.

Thanks Jules - hope you had a nice time away as well.

Bath was lovely - plenty of steps (but also a fair bit of beer!) And then wine tasting on Saturday. I was glad to have an alcohol-free day yesterday and get back on a better track with food today.

I've also realised how much having a challenge of some form motivates me, so this morning I signed up to swim 10 miles in 30 days to raise money for Dementia Awareness. My aunt recently had to go into care, and my partners step-mum's condition is declining rapidly. It's so cruel - so thought I would benefit the charity, and myself. I swim in the morning's quite often, so it's definitely achievable.
Thank you hunny it was. I even joined in with a dog Walk- admittedly only about 2000 steps but for me. In 1 go that's a real good amount. We also saw a deer my son was happy..the dog not so much ( or the deer) once she was pulled back on her lead 🤣

Glad you had a good time in Bath got some steps in and had some Beer. Wine tasting sounds interesting. Well done for getting straight back on it.

What an amazing cause to do the swim for. Good luck and sure you will smash it 💜 Sorry your aunts got Dementia and also your patners step mum. My first job out of college was working at a psychatric hospital on the geriatric side as a Health care assistant..I ended up in a day centre, part of it we had a memorabilia room. Obviously there are unfortunately many diffrent memory issues ( and that's only part of it) but it was amazing talking to them and something like the hand held mirror would trigger something in them. There was a sewing box and a lady kept saying she paid with buttons. Unfortunately I didn't understand. Sadly she developed memory loss after the sudden death of her husband fairly young ( I say that...she was late 40s...I am 43 🤣) that lead to some erratic behaviour she and another lady at a sewing group were supposed to be picked up ( budget cuts unfortunately not done now a days) they went to a local cafe that had a set menu...she went to pay with buttons. Luckily the staff realised something wasn't right called the police these 2 ladies were missing persons. The staff offered the more hot drinks and indeed this lovely incredibly lady that still holds a dear place in my heart. Had tried to pay for their meals with buttons- her daughter picked her up daily from.our day centre ( Sadly that's no longer there either :() so it was when she told me this sorry she was in her 80s then in 1999. I was very young and naieve that job brought me into the real world full pelt. Sorry I've really rambled hunny xxx
Glad you had a good time :) And no need to apologise for rambling! It's nice that there's someone "out there" as it were!

Yes - dementia is a cruel disease. I did my Dementia Friends training years ago, and the story of the lady tapping in a care home to communicate has always stuck with me. Other people were complaining, but it turned out, she was trying to communicate in morse code, because she'd gone back to her days as a code breaker.

It's horrible watching how quickly it impacts people. And the toil it takes on those around them. We're doing as much as we can to support my partner's dad and step mum. They recently moved down to Cardiff, so it's a relief that we're close to help out when we can. Even if it's to give him a bit of respite.

Lovely swim this morning and added another 2 miles to the total. Back and prepped breakfast quickly before live workout starts at 7.30. Yesterday was 30 sets of upper body... today is 30 sets of legs. Combined with Pilates tonight, I'm not sure how I'll walk tomorrow!

Really need to do a food shop, as it adds up buying bits here and there. I must get more organised with meal planning again!
Swam yesterday morning, and did a Get Fit With Rick speed walk before work. Then had a chilled evening sat in the sun finishing my book. It was nice to switch off for a bit, after a particularly stressful day at work. I've been waiting to hear about a job I applied for as well; then got an email yesterday to say they're delaying the recruitment process, but still interested in speaking to me. It's a difficult situation, as I'm maternity cover at the moment. But will hit four years with the Council in October. That means I'm entitled to voluntary severance if they can't find me another job. The position I've applied for externally is only a 10 month contract... but kind of a dream opportunity. No point overthinking it at the moment, but if I am offered it, it's a difficult choice.

It was lovely when I got up this morning, so decided to go for a walk instead of a swim. 6 miles and my 8k steps done before 8am. So glad it's Friday. Dance class booked for tomorrow morning, then we have a walking rugby festival on Sunday. So it could be a pretty busy weekend. OH is working tonight, but there's music in the pub, so I'll probably pop down there later in the evening.
Sorry hun. Haven't caught up.

Well done on the swimming.

Your walk sounds nice. Well done that's a lot of steps I would think xxx

Wow the morse code our minds ( and ilnesses) are so complex. Glad family have moved closer.

Sorry about the delay with the job. I hope it's good news and dream job sounds amazing sending positive and good luck vibes.

Hope you enjoy this weekend your plans sound really good hunny.

Empathy with the planning and food shop. I need to go too

Take care xxx
Hey Jules - no worries, I've been a bit slack posting!

3840m done in the pool this morning. I think I'm probably nearly at the 10 miles now. Will check against my spreadsheet later.

Good weekend of rugby. Bit of a blessing in disguise that I didn't manage to get a food shop done, as hot to defrost the freezer yesterday. Always when it's a warm day! Chucked a few things away, but most of the frozen veg was fine in a cool bag for a few hours.

Meant to have rugby training tonight, but numbers are looking low. If it's cancelled, I'll got for a decent walk instead.
Realised that my watch had reset the pool length on swimming setting. Annoying - but I have plenty of time to get the rest of it done anyway. I've recalculated as best I can, and I'll be sure to check it tomorrow morning!

Good turnout for rugby in the end, but it was pretty warm. Nice to be out in the sun. Then home and had a dinner of leeks, asparagus, new potatoes and sugar snaps, with salmon. Delicious and light. Just what was needed
Had a briliant weekend at Heart of Wales 7's Festival, and can't wait to book again for next year. Was food good? Nope - catering vans. Did I drink? Definitely - and it was cider. BUT I got loads of steps in, only ate when I was hungry.

And the scales suggest I'm around the same, give or take. I'm still struggling to break the 180lbs consistently. Part of me is debating calorie counting again for a bit, just to get my head back in it and see where I am. But the other part says trust the SlimPod process.

I know that I'm training hard, and the inches are definitely decreasing. I can see the physical change in myself. So I suppose the real answer is to stop weighing.
I've started introducing some met-con workouts, in the hope it will break the plateau. Has the benefit of getting strength and cardio in. Over 350 cals burned in 40 minutes yesterday morning. OH has asked whether I actually enjoy it, and I truly do. I love the feeling after completing a tough workout.

We went out for a bit last night. Lovely local wine bar. Just had a glass (and an amazing cheese toasty!) Off to Bristol for another day of rugby tomorrow. Then a free music festival on Sunday. We're house and pet sitting from tomorrow, so routine is going to be a bit all over the place.

New set of weights arrived yesterday. I realised I actually needed some lighter ones. It means when I do the walking workouts, I can carry weights as well. Which will surely help?!
Sounds like you're on track and enjoying it, well done