Take part in an experiment???


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So I have been offered to take part in an experiment into "appetite control" which basically involves taking 2 pills a day (they could be a placebo or some herb they are testing). They want to see if the herb reduces the amount you eat at a buffet.

For 3 days in the 4 week period, I would have to eat what they provide (which means I can't be perfectly SW) and there are other certain rules with regards to eating the night before and not exercise for 24 hours prior.

The amount I will be reimbursed is £25 which equals 5 meetings. I will do this experiment for 4 so basically it will pay for my slimming world meetings during the experiment.

I've not yet been OK'ed but what are peoples thoughts on this? I won't be 100% on SW for 3 days out of 28 but I will get those 4 weeks (plus an extra week) for free.
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I joined SW to lose weight and get healthy.

I wouldn't jeopardise that for anything, certainly not the experiment.

But I would add that it is entirely down to you what to do. Are you prepared, in essence, to put your weight loss efforts on hold for four weeks?

It is only four weeks.

I just can't see the point!


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I hope it all goes well for you.


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Although none of it sounds harmful to you,i personally wouldnt do it..xxx


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If you think you need help with 'appetite control' then this might be something to look into but only if your not happy the way things are going with SW. If you've found a good thing with SW, think what are you going to benefit from going somewhere else?

Good luck with whatever you decide.


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I personally would not do it as it may hamper your SW weight loss, but it's up to you.


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Informed consent has made experiments so invalid.
They give you these pills to see if you'd eat less at a buffet? Have you heard of the Hawthorne Effect? Everyone will eat less at the buffet regardless of what pills they are fed because they know it's being recorded.

But you say you have to eat what they provide? 4 weeks free food, and reimbursement, I'd do it.

And to everyone saying it may hamper your weight loss, probably not because you will either be imagining you are less hungry because of the placebo or actually less hungry.

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I wouldn't do it, not because of the weight loss but because it's an experiment, which means they just don't know what will happen. It could make you poorly sick. Nope I'd rather somebody else (ohhh you!) took part in the experiementing side. Once something (but not diet pills) has been proven to do what 'it says on the tin' that's when I'll be giving it a whirl, but not before.