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Take That - Woooo Hooooo!


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I've gone on and on about it this week and i'm sorry to bore you all again but tomorrow i'm off to Hampden to see them with my friend and then OH and kids are coming to meet me to see them again on Sunday. OH and eldest DD are not that fussed but youngest DD is so excited.
I've been to loads of concerts over the years from Neil Diamond to AC/DC and i love to see a 'show'. I've seen Robbie a few times and even if you dont really like him or his music you cant take away the fact he knows how to put on a show and apparantly Take That are putting on a fabulous show.
If you've read my sorry tales from this week i've had a yucky binge and i know there will be drinkies and eats tomorrow but I am going out to enjoy myself and i'm going to be sensible and i've left out my tetras for family to bring on Sunday so i can get straight back to it.
So, to cut a long ramble short, I hope everyone has a great weekend whatever your up to.
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have a fab time i am seeing them next week in Manchester i am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited can you tell :talk017:


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A foursome of my friends have just come out of Hampden and they are fab (Take That, not my friends, but i do love my friends!). I feel like a small child at Christmas, its silly. They are texting me from the car and i'm really needing to be getting to my bed.
Night everyone altho' i think i'm just about last man standing tonight


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Ooooh Jimmy we've crossed posts, i look forward to telling you on Monday how good they are! I saw Robbie at Old Trafford Cricket club a few years ago and it was one of my best days ever. It was like being abroad in Palma Nova with my friend when we were 18! Weather was fab, company was fab, show was fab, atmosphere was fab, need i go on?!
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Saw them at the Ricoh in Coventry... they were out of this world... best concert EVER and I've seen a fair few in my time...lol

You will have an amazing time.. twice!!! Lucky girl :)

Now go to bed else you won't look your best for the boys ;)


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Mich - I know I know! I'm buzzing for some reason. My OH works night shift but he is doing a half shift tonight and should be in shortly so may be thats why (he should be so lucky!)
My CDC saw them in Sheffield two weeks ago before going on her hols and she sent me a text to say they were fantastic with the whole circus thing going on.


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It's rare I'm speechless but parts of the show did leave me speechless..lol... I love Robbie and he was amazing when I saw him at Knebworth and as a performer he is outstanding but as an overall 'show' these guys were better.... just incredible... wish I was going again :cry:


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I am so so Jealous... you will have a fab time!! They certainly do get better looking with age... CORRRRR

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