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Take two!

Discussion in 'Slim and Save - Diaries' started by cheekychick81, 23 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. cheekychick81

    cheekychick81 Gold Member


    I'm back... Did 4 months lost 60lbs had a few weeks off... Not sure what I've out on but here for another 6 weeks and will weigh at the end which is 1st march...

    Today is day 3 and all is well... Think I must already be in ketosis... Not hungry nasty mouth...

    Just sat sipping a lovely hot s&s mulled wine :)

    Hope everyone is well x
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  3. Mashworth87

    Mashworth87 Full Member

    Good you've got back into it so quickly! I think once you've already done it once it must be easier to do again, as you know what to expect.
    Amazing loss first time round!!! I'm staying with it for 12weeks (hoping to lose 4stone in that time) I'm on day 13 now!! X
  4. cheekychick81

    cheekychick81 Gold Member

    When I finished I decided I would restart 3rd week if Jan... So I did :) to be honest I was do sick of eating naughty stuff and I got to the point where I was just sick of eating full stop.. So I knew it was time!!

    I'm not sure how much I've put on and I don't want to know but I'd like another stone loss on top of the 60lbs by the time I finish... Fingers crossed!!

    Good luck... 4 stone is doable if you stick to
    It 100% I was very naughty especially towards the end and still managed a good chunk.. :)
  5. cheekychick81

    cheekychick81 Gold Member

    I can't wait to put an order at the end of the month, I had 40 shakes left from last time, mainly flavours I'm not too keen on but I'm working through them... Last time I did 3 a day and meal but I found I started to get too naughty... Having too much protein or a naughty glass of wine... So this time doing 4 packs a day.. Will see how it goes :)
  6. Mashworth87

    Mashworth87 Full Member

    Well I've been 100% so far, I'm pretty sure I can do it :)
    Also just started a workout program today, so fingers crossed it will start falling off me pretty soon!!
    You'll have lost soooo much by the end, you must be pretty chuffed with yourself!! :D
  7. cheekychick81

    cheekychick81 Gold Member

    Ah exercise is good... I was swimming upto 250 lengths a week until Christmas then I got a bug and felt nasty... Back to it this weekend tho! Looking forward to it..

    Sounds like you've really got your head round it :)
  8. cheekychick81

    cheekychick81 Gold Member

    Day 4 :) sat in morrisons cafe with a coffee between customer visits feeling very smug watching people scoff down fatty all day breakfasts (think that would have been me last week)!!!
  9. cheekychick81

    cheekychick81 Gold Member

    Well not weighing myself didn't last long!! Came home tonight and decided to jump on the scales... It's not as bad as i thought really... Have put on a stone as of today's weigh in... So I guess that means I had put more on as I'm sure I must have lost some since Monday... Least now I know what I'm dealing with and can weigh in and see the weight coming off :)

    Just over 5 weeks to go so hopefully in that time I can undo the damage I've done plus lost a bit more.. :)
  10. cheekychick81

    cheekychick81 Gold Member

    Here comes the hardest part of the week... Day 5 today, all is well :) heading home from work and my bf is coming for the weekend... He is very supportive so won't try to sabotage so fingers crossed :)
  11. cheekychick81

    cheekychick81 Gold Member

    Feel like I'm talking to myself here....

    Oh well day 6.. Bf never made it from Manc last night so I'm home alone and have woken up to a mountain of lovely snow!!

    Sat watching Saturday kitchen trying to decide what to do with my day!
  12. Mashworth87

    Mashworth87 Full Member

    Ah you're not alone chick!
    Wahoo well done day 6, nearly a full week! :D
    Might I suggest you listen to your inner child and build a snowman!!!! :D

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