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Taking a break

i hate to say this but im taking a break. there are certain things goin on at the minute that are making it extremely difficult to keep up with this 100%. its not a quit...its a break. i just need a week or so off. my head is all over the place and im not in the right mindset to do this too. i'll be back, soon, probably next monday or so. so angry with myself lol....but rather be honest and tell you :)

i wont be on the forum til im back....so good luck and see u all soon xx
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If you feel you need a break then its ok to take one.but it we could be nice if you could still pop in and say hi and see how everyone is getting on.
hope you come back soon and everything gets better.:wave_cry:

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as i've already told you missus xx
xxx you are doing it for you, so dont feel guilty taking time away, only we know whats best for our bodies... sometimes a break helps xx
i just think we know ourselves best, we know what we need, and if we need a break or something more livable then we should do so. you are losing weight for you no one else, so how you do it has to be right for you. xx
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Looking forward to you coming back!

All best wishes.
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Take care hun xxx
Thanks guys. You know i think this weeks just been tough for me. A lot of sad memories, and no motivation but i know i'll regret it if i take too long off. So ive had my big old cry, a binge (which i now feel crap for) and a good think to myself. Im gonna have tomorrow and sunday really low carb days and get back on track on monday. Its going to be a rollercoaster ride of emotions....but this time i need to do it properly. Infact no..i WANT to. So monday i'll be restarting for the final time. Thanks for all your support :)
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You are doing the right thing allowing yourself time to reflect and heal a little bit more, and you will come back stronger because of this. Thinking of you xxx
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OK, I'm going to butt in here with a bit of tough love for you.

I don't think you need to "take a break" at all. I don't actually think from reading your posts on here that TFR is the right answer for you at the moment.

If you "restart" yet again (how many times is that now? :() you will quite probably fail again and if this is going to be the "final" try where the hell do you go from there? :confused: You need to find something that will work for you, and that really doesn't seem to be TFR.

You're already starting to learn that binge eating won't solve your problems, in fact in the long run it only makes them worse. Hold that thought!

So here's what I reckon you should do, you can take or leave my advice of course it's totally up to you.

I think you need to start one of the higher-calorie Solutions on Monday.

Working might be the one, but I'm not sure even that will be enough for you. You need to work on your relationship with food and while for some people taking it out of the equation altogether works really well, for others it's the opposite and never mind the hunger, just the physical sensation of eating becomes such a craving for them that they end up breaking and losing the plot.

So why torture yourself with something that right now really isn't doing it for you? Why not work instead on finding something that IS going to work, that suits your lifestyle and that you will be able to stick to?

I really think you can do this, and that you will lose weight in the long run, but I think you have some other issues that you need to sort out in your head before trying to go with something as extreme as TFR. So my solution to that would be don't. Find something that will let you eat a little without guilt. Learn what your body needs and not your head in terms of food, and show all the doubters that you CAN do this, you just need to do it in your own way.

Good Luck. x
Thanks Yam, i appreciate that very much but with respect all i have failed to do is start this at the right time. I started this diet smack bang in the middle of a very difficult time for me hence the restarts and fail. I have done and can do a VLCD but i agree you have to be in the right frame of mind for it. I wasnt at the time...i am now. I dont miss food like many others....i dont really have cravings as such. For me, i have a difficult situation (ie, last week the 4 year anniversary of losing my baby girl) and it knocks me out of sync. I didnt have a break because i wanted food although i did have a tough time on that day and did binge a bit, i had a break because literally i had a whole week where i wasnt eating/drinking enough....i wasnt with it at all, my head was up my bum and i knew i couldnt continue like that. For me it was better to stop, re-assess, get a grip of things and start afresh with a clear head. I say this is the final try because i wont let it beat me this time. And i dont plan to fail....i doubt any of us do.

BUT in saying all that, thanks very much for your advice, its always welcome xx

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