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  1. redmel

    redmel Dreamer

    Hello :)

    So I have started today and will use this diary to record how I am doing each day.

    I don't know how long I will be on Slimfast, as I am just using it as an initial weightloss boost, which is where the title of my diary comes from. It may be that I stay on it for far longer than anticipated, just depends how I get on with it really :p

    Today is a kind of half day on it due to only just buying it this morning...

    Brekkie - None.
    Snack - Aldi fruit slices 165 cals.
    Lunch - Shake
    Snack - apple (53) and strawberries (23) 76 cals.
    Dinner - 2x HM burgers, stir fry veg 560 cals
    Snack - crisps 130 cals

    I will pop back and fill in the blanks :)

    A little bit about me..
    I am 34, mum to 4 children (aged 4-14), and a full-time student. I really struggle with healthy eating during the academic year as I get so stressed. I am now on my summer holidays (yippeee) and so I have 3 months to get my act together and lose weight before the end of September. I really want to lose around 3-4 stone so I don't look hideous on my graduation pictures this time next year, assuming I pass that is :)
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  3. redmel

    redmel Dreamer

    Day 2

    I found yesterday surprisingly easy! Let's see how today goes :)

    Brekkie - shake
    Snack - apple (53) strawberries (29) 82 cals
    Lunch - shake
    Snack - banana 105 cals
    Dinner - Chicken breast and salad 469 cals
    Snack - 3 x jaffa cakes 120 cals

    I do need to remember not to drink the shake so fast as it bloats me and gripes if I do.

    Update on today. Struggled a bit after dinner and ended up taking a big tasty lick of the knife which had nutella all over it, it was heavenly! I doubt it will ruin my whole week but I need to be careful that it isn't a slippery slope of 'cheating'.
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  4. redmel

    redmel Dreamer

    Day 3

    Right let's see how today goes :)

    Brekkie - shake
    Snack - Strawberries (43) ham (66) 109 cals
    Lunch - shake
    Snack - HM carrot and coriander soup 124 cals
    Dinner - scrambled eggs and beans on toast 735
    Snack - none

    I am recording it all in MFP. I went a bit over on snack 2 and on dinner. It worked out ok though as I ate dinner late so didn't need my second snack meaning I only went 68 cals over on the day.
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  5. tink2011

    tink2011 Silver Member

    Hi its always a bit quiet on here. I dont follow any more as im expecting but lost three stone last year on slim fast and maintained by calorie counting. I still like to pop on time to time if you have any qs. My tip tho keep posting daily even if its to say you kept to it, or what you cheated on! Pop over to calorie counting forum its a bit busier after all thats what your doing realy If you get fed up don't cheat, replace a shake with some dinner its surprising how it can pick you up as a change. Try ww soup, crisps, biscuit and jelly, or two pieces of no crust bread and one egg one egg white scrambled. Always keep a 100 cal snack till the end of the day, but remind yourself you cant have it if you cheat, i liked to have mikados , them sorbet flying saucers, weigh out some chocolate , ice lollies or biscuits such as kit kats. Have a note book and calculator in the kitchen and write you teas down, it can be hard calorie counting and weighing sausage mash and beans for eg but take time to write it down then next time its easy And finally if your having a 600 cal tea that you really fancy like pie and mash and it doesn't look alot make a pint of jelly about 20cals sure to sill you! (Add a bit of sugar free cordial tho , the sugar free jelly isnt very tasty i liked vimpto!)

    O ps try a straw for your shake x
  6. redmel

    redmel Dreamer

    Thanks tink2011.
    Well done on 3 stone loss that is amazing :) I have actually started popping over to the calorie board, as you say, that is what we are doing here anyway ;).
    I will definitely sub a shake for a meal as and when I feel fed up with it

    Good luck with the pregnancy :)

    I will try and be very strict today as we have a game night planned and I was gonna have a little drink. I have a choice of lager, wine or vodka... I am guessing vodka and diet coke will be the lowest in calories but need to check it out.

    I need to buy a pack of mushrooms for dinner as I am going to have mushroom stir fry which should only come in at around 300 cals for a big plateful.

    Day 4 will be

    Brekkie -
    Snack - banana
    Lunch - shake
    Snack - tangerine
    Dinner - mushroom stir fry
    Snack - vodka

    I will fill the rest in once I know definite calorie content for dinner and what my snacks are.

    Total calorie count including evening vodka, doritos and sweets was 1362, so only 2 cals over for the day!
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  7. redmel

    redmel Dreamer

    Here we go Day 5 :)

    Brekkie - shake
    Snack - chewee bar
    Lunch - Oat so simple
    Snack - 1 x satsuma
    Dinner - pork, mash, cauli, mixed veg, yorkie, gravy 643 cals.
    Snack - few sports mixture gums

    As usual I will fill in later.

    I did accidentally have a big bite of a choc ice earlier as we have been out to a kids party and My daughter didn't want her choc ice. I took a big bite without even thinking :mad:.

    I have had some porridge today, for lunch, instead of a shake. I just couldn't face another one lol.
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  8. GingerJV

    GingerJV Silver Member

    When it comes to ice-cream i am so weak)) So i understand you well! Don't punish yourself;-) It looks like your diet is going pretty well! You donot feel hungry? Wish you good luck!
  9. redmel

    redmel Dreamer

    Well that is the annoying thing really: I'm not even too keen on ice cream!

    Let's get started on day 6.

    Brekkie - Shake
    Snack - strawberries (51 cals)
    Lunch - Chealsea bun! (240 cals)
    Snack - banana (100 cals)
    Dinner - pasta and sauce and salad (495 cals)
    Snack - Still have 240ish calories leftover so will see if I fancy anything later.

    I need to whizz off and do the school run but will be back to update yesterday's food diary when I get back.

    Just updated the days food...
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  10. Kling

    Kling Member

    Hi redmel, i am starting SF tomorrow having used it before. I like SF it suits me as a diet plan.
    i am 35 and work full time. My weight has bounced from under 9st to up to where i am now, 12st 9lbs. Im a terrible yoyo dieter and probably always will be. i love food, its the sad truth, im obsessed with food really but my weight has shot up and its time to take control.
    i have a wedding to go to in 3 weeks, realistically I should be able to lose 7-10lbs by then, anymore will be a bonus.
    short term i want to lose weight for this but long term I would like to get down to 11st and maintain this.
    I have turned to the forum in the hope it will motivate me to succeed as I can report in to you all.
    so lets see how it goes...
    i shall follow you loss too and see how we both get on!! Good luck
  11. redmel

    redmel Dreamer

    Hi Kling :)

    I have yo-yo dieted for many years too. I really want to stick with it this time and get down to a far more comfortable weight (even if I don't get down to my goal)

    It is pretty quiet in this section of the forum so I flit over to calorie counting occasionally too. I had been hoping some Slim Fast'ers would come along and join me eventually. Good luck with it :)

    Mel x
  12. redmel

    redmel Dreamer


    I have made it through the first week with relative ease. I have a yummy spicy root veg and lentil casserole planned for later which is really low calorie so I can have a massive bowl full :)

    Today will be.
    Brekkie - shake
    Snack - choc digestive biccie (86 cals)
    Lunch - shake
    Snack -
    Dinner - Spicy root veg and lentil casserole.
    Snack -

    Will pop back and fill in later. I really need to drink more today I started off well but am really slipping the last few days.
  13. Kling

    Kling Member

    Hi all, well day one for me today! Weigh in at 0630am and starting weight 12st 7lbs. A stone and a half ideally to lose but anything is a bonus!!
  14. redmel

    redmel Dreamer

    I have been crazy busy today and anticipate another busy day tomorrow but I will try to pop on to update food diary.
    I think I am well under calories today, even with the bag of crisps i hqd an hour ago...

    I hope your first day went well kling.

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  15. Kling

    Kling Member

    Hi redmel...
    all going well today, slim fast and fruit so far. Hope your day has gone well.
  16. redmel

    redmel Dreamer

    Brilliant Kling. glad it is going well :)

    I have had an odd day!!
    I had no time for brekkie as my eldest son lost his retainer brace this morning so that was a frantic search of the house before the school run, then I went and did the weekly food shop straight from school drop off. I was back home and had the shopping away by 10.45 but by that time I only had an hour until I had to go and meet my little girl from preschool to take her to lunch at big school... so I just had a boost bar with a cuppa. then I had gammon, roastoes, veg and gravy at school. After school I was at parents eve for 2hrs and it was nearly 6pm by the time I got home so picked up a chippy dinner for everyone on the way past. I did choose a chow mein though as I know they were always the lowest syns on slimming world...

    SO despite not being a true slim fast day I think I managed to choose 'not too badly' and I have put it all in MFP as best I can without knowing exact quantities, and I have come out with still 100 cals left for the day.

    Tomorrow will be back on slim fast properly (despite being another busy one!) and will hopefully still get a decent loss next week.
  17. lauramumof3

    lauramumof3 Member

    what did you lose in your first week?
  18. redmel

    redmel Dreamer

    Oooh I thought I had updated in here!

    I lost 3.5lb when I weighed on Wednesday morning. Although that isn't a bad loss I was a bit annoyed as the scales had been showing me a 5.5lb loss on the Tuesday!!

    Anyway I am sticking with my official Wednesday figure so 3.5lb lost :)

    Good day everyone.
  19. redmel

    redmel Dreamer

    Day 9 and back on it 100%

    Brekkie - shake
    Snack - Aldo cheese curls 64cals
    Lunch - shake
    Snack - banana 100cals
    Dinner - jacket pot with tuna, cheese and a salad (550 cals)
    Snack -

    It should be infant sports day today but the weather looks grim. I will take a chewee bar with me if it is just so I don't get hungry and stop at the shop for junk afterwards.

    Have a good day everyone
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  20. lauramumof3

    lauramumof3 Member

    3.5 SOUNDS ACE TO ME!!well done, ill be lucky with a pound lol, I had to have a meal bar this morning instead of the shake. But I will have a shake for lunch chocolate I fink.
  21. Kling

    Kling Member

    Hi redmel..well day three and still going strong..will hop on the scales again tomorrow and see how im getting on, a mid week weigh in!!
    Im working all weekend so its usually easier for me to stick to the shakes.
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