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  1. hayley77

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    Hi...well ive been on cd a few times lost an gained struggled to get back on so thinking lighterlife route....convince me....can u now do week by week...thinking just the first month of councilloribg to get me back on track and any recommendations for tge stockport area?? Thanks
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  3. pitipe

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    I started this 2 weekends ago - im 6 kilo 13lb down now so very happy.

    Im not very good on portion control or clever choices so the fact its given to me in a bag and i just choose from that helps.

    I personally dont like the shakes but ignoring them and the fact i am fussy on soup i still have 13 different items a week to 'choose' from so havent found i am bored.

    They do a free consultation maybe go along and chat to the person there - at the end of the day I personally think its as much about liking them as the 'food choices'

    When i went for my consultation as i walked up the stairs all i heard was laughter and the ladies in my group are lovely - spurs you on a lot compared to ones i have done online and only checking up on myself.

    Good luck
  4. angi

    angi Full Member

    I'm in Stockport too and thinking of doing LL - if anyone can recommend a good counseller (if that's not against the rules) then please let me know!
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