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Tan's "Re-lipotrimming" diary

Hi all....I'm a lipotrim rejoiner. I've not done a diary or anything like that before, but thought I would try it this time as I've been told they really do help, and that this forum is a great place for support. I'm doing lipotrim with my best friend, we've booked a holiday and so have a goal to aim for!!!

Ok - I did lipotrim first time last January. I lost just about 4stone, and have put about half of that back on....(almost all of that since January this year) so am back onto the diet again to shift what Ive put on, and also more so that I can get down to the weight I should have got down to in the first place!!!

Started on Thursday 28th, and it was a lot harder than I remembered. Drinking the required amount of water again proved to be a bit of a shock, i couldn't be far away from the loo for more than half an hour!! Got through day 1 though........

Days 2 and 3 were grumpy and tired. Thanks to lots of texts and support when I felt like cheating though, meant got through! Bad timing, Royal Wedding and bank holiday weekend has meant lovely meals, barbeques, and all that sort of stuff going on around me, but apart from the occasional wobble, and desperate (sad!) craving to lick some bacon...I've not touched a scrap of food. I've done very low carb diets before, and so i'm finding that i am constantly fighting the urge to just cheat a bit and have a bit of protein, because it won't completely stop ketosis. That's what I'm finding hardest at the moment I think! Still, managed to get through to the end of Day 4 without cheating, so am pleased about that. Not weighing myself until weigh in day on Thursday though, so am hoping that it's a real motivation when I see what I hope will be a good first week loss.

Let's see what the bank holiday brings.....from what I remember it got a lot easier after the first week, so to get through that will be a huge step. :)
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Woop woop! Good luck my re-lipotrimming friend! We will do this :)


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Good luck Tantan - its hard you have done it before you can do it again, stay strong. This is my 3rd time - definitely the last. Think of how fantastic you will look on your holiday. ;)

weigh in 13stone 2lbs

week 1 -10lbs
week 2 -5lbs
week 3 -4lbs
week 4 -7lbs weighed in on wed instead of Mon - bank hol
week 5 reach 2 stone loss
week 6
Thanks dudley..i was just reading your "slump" posts actually. You've done amazingly well......and having the conviction to make it the last time seems to have helped you? I refuse to do this again aswell, so it's gonna have to be good this time. Keeping it off will be the challenge. I love pizza. I can't help it, i just do!!! I'm gonna have to find a replacement food, or develop a pizza flavoured shake :) You're doing so well, keep up the good inspirational work and keep the rest of us going!!!!
Day 5 done!

Well, that's Day 5 out of the way. Have been tired and grumpy today, which is pretty par for the course this week. Ready for the weigh in on thursday although am a bit worried that if it's not a nice one (ie- 7lbs or above) that I might get a bit demotivated, but will take it a step at a time. Went for a 30 minute walk/run thing today, so that's started, hopefully that will help the weight loss too. Let's get this thing moving!!! Hope to feel a bit less knackered and grouchy tomorrow :)
Yay! First week over, thank goodness...well into the swing of it now. 9lb down today, so really pleased. Know it will tail off a bit with the second and subsequent weeks, but keeping at it will be a bit easier now that I know I've shifted a bit already. Keep strong!!! x
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Well done Tan:wow:
Loving reading both yours and emmievics posts knowing you are doing it together:)

Day 13 today. Really bad couple of days, I want to eat eat eat!!! I haven't seen ANY movement in the scales the last couple of day, except now they are showing A GAIN of 1lb. That would REALLY annoy me a lot, and put me mentally in a bad place I think, to put on weight on a diet like this........it's just not possible is it? That's not fair!!!!
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keep ya chin up :) best not to be gettin on the scales everyday because you wont see as much of a difference and it is a bit of a motivation killer.
keep at it darlin :) you no its worth it x


I *will* be skinny again!
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Welcome back! I'm a re-lipotrimmer as well! We've done it before and we can definetly do it again!!

I *might* have a recipe for your pizza replacement as well. I love pizza too! lol. Well for when you come off the diet of course!! xxx

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