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tap water?

Dont think so hun....it hasnt effected me so far, so good!!!!!!!!!! x


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hiya, so far ive been buying tons of bottled water but today im using tapwater- it doesnt have a filter. Do you think it will make any difference?
If you like tap water great!
I even have tap water when we go out to the pub ... maybe because my OH is a cheapskate??!!!! LOL only joking Phil!

No problem with having tap water - and if you put it in a jug in the fridge, it comes out nicely chilled and loses some of the chlorine taste.


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Thanks! I thought it might have been a silly question. I am a bit sick of going out every day to buy 3/4 bottles of water
I always fill up on tap water!
Me well, Im a Yorkshire man therefore tight as a ducks ass and thats water tight, tap water all the way for me. ;-p


on the up lol
Me well, Im a Yorkshire man therefore tight as a ducks ass and thats water tight, tap water all the way for me. ;-p

lol i have tap water to ... pfft i refuse to by bottle water, lol even ask in cafes to fill me bottle up :eek:


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I hate tap water!! its horrible .
I always have bottled water but rob is the opposite he drinks tap water all the time and refuses to drink bottled water.

Lea x
I have 2 500ml water bottles on the go at all times. I just fill up from the tap or from those water dispenser things at work, that is always ice cold.

I have tap and bottled and sparkling to break the monotiny!:)
can you drink the tap watta in Yorkshire??
You certainly can, best water in the world, unlike the rats pi55 in mackem land, anyhow I live in Lincolnshire now and its pants here lol
If memory serves me correctly didn't the Mackems once humble the once 'mighty' (now crap) Leeds?
please dont get into a football rant when you probably support scum, or at least heard of them
I support the team who giant killed Leeds in this years FA Cup!!! I'm not sure if that many people consider us 'scum'. That title is normally assosiated with so called 'big clubs' often with delusions of grandeur.

I think I've found your achilles heal!!!
ah so your an inbred then, like you say "Giant" you will never be anything you never have been and you never will be, now run along daft lad!
Very typical

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