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Tape Measures


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Hi everyone, I was browsing through the fab scales tyranny thread started by Jim :happy096:and noticed how many people were chatting about tape measures.

I run a wedding shop and so find myself concentrating on peoples measurements an awful lot!

Dropping dress sizes (sorry no menswear!) depends on where you are dropping from! To get from a 20 to an 18 it is 2 - 2.5 inches whereas to get from a 16 to a 14 is 1.5 - 2 inches and this goes down as you go down the scale!

When you are doing measurements please remember that you are doing them for yourself. Please dont be tempted to look at size charts:airquote: - I wear a size 16 comfortably but my measurements with our dress manufacturers take me to a size 20 so dont be drawn in! (I was buying a bridesmaid style to wear to a wedding by the way:p)

Many people come into the shop and give me two sizes in answer to 'what is your normal size' as it depends on where they are shopping. We stock 6 different designers and they have a variance of up to 3.5 inches on their size charts!

So by all means use that tape measure to keep track and keep away from those evil scales but still remember to do that thing when you stand in front of the mirror and pull at the new baggy bits of your clothes and make a surprised (and happy and smug) face!:party0019:
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What a good post, thank you JoJo!
Brilliant post Jo - thanks!


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No problem Laura... although I hate going to a shop and grabbing a size off the rack only to find out that someone put a size 6 on the wrong hanger!....The panic in the changing room as I cant get my 'normal' size over my knees before realising the error!! HEHEHE
For men's clothes even the lable can't be right sometimes. I have some trousers that are 34" but quite loose and others that are 36" that are quite tight. I always have to try them on.
I agree, the sizes vary from shop to shop with designer clothes being the smallest for sizes. Has any one tried on an item that they loved in their usual size, only to find it was too small and then refused to buy it in the next size up even though you loved it?
Of course she will. Go laura Go.
Go Laura! I'm sure you will squeeze in eventually, just hope it isn't too late like you say, nobody is wearing bell bottoms anymore!

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I also have a pair of jeans which I've had for a few years! Didn't try them on and they were actually about 2 sizes too small - I'm hanging on to them to try in about a month just to see if there is a difference! Trousers of Truth! I love shopping but it makes me miserable that I can rarely find stuff in my size. I nearly always buy shoes. It's less embarrassing!


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Hey Jojo, what a great post, thank you. My American friends tell me also that my size 16 trousers would be called size 12 over there. Do you think that's correct?
I've been thinking about my tape measure, realizing it is very old. I wonder if I should buy a new one or let myself stay deluded as to how much it's stretched.

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If we've all held on to a pair and start wearing them when we've lost weight we'll start a fashion craze! It'll be in heat magazine, all the celebs will be wearing them...

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I think my mum used to wear loons. Aren't they the ones with material sewn in to make them flare?
Yes they were Jar. Really wide bottoms. The only trousers I never want to be able to wear again are these

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It looks like you've lost a whole person! I haven't been slim for about 12 years. I'm not sure I'd know what to do with myself! Well done!

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