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Target outfit :)


Shut up Ethel
I have bought a couple of sexy party dresses - size 14 Jane Norman (so a ten in real life) - would love to be wearing those for Christmas. I also want to go out looking stunning in skinny jeans, knee boots and a biker jacket. God only knows why; prob because I have never been anywhere near skinny jeans or a motorbike in my life! Sensible trousers girl, me.

Or i'd like to see if i can carry off the student look as in one of my pictures - I was 18 or 19, in Paris, in 1992, in a tiny skirt, boots, tights, and a blazer. I have a blazer (not the same one!) and boots, imagine I can score up a miniskirt from somewhere!


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Nice one!

I'd like tight jeans brown boots and a jersy dress over the top :)
hehe.. i have thought about this quite alot.. im tempted to go out and by it in the size im hoping i will be when im at target- but as ive literally never been that small... it's hard to imagine myself being that size in maybe 4/5 months!!!! ahh how amazing is that!

SO.. like you girls have said... the tightest skinniest sexiest (expensive-lol) jeans i can find, and they have to make my bum look amazing. I have not worn a pair of jeans since was 12, and even then i hated myself. i remember a comment a guy at school made about me when i was wearing the " your arse is eating your jeans- sort it out!"- that has stuck with me!!.. AND MAN how i can't wait to blast that away!!

then as its going to be winter and since they became fashionable last year i have wanted a pair- but knew my calves and thighs would not allow..some thigh high black suede high heeled boots(the topshop ones are nice atm) or some black studded high heeled sandals with ankle cuffs..mmm

And probably just a white vintage band tshirt.. tight of course. Either with a leather jacket or a fancy fitted boyfriend blazer. and LOADS OF JEWELLERY.haha

I better start saving ladies!

i obviously have really thought about this!- i just can't wait to see the look on all my boyfriends mates faces.. I want him to feel like the luckiest man alive. :) I love him lol


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Ah lauren....too shop at topshop....never actually done it!! lol
i want to wear knee boots, black tights a denim skirt and a black polo neck think people look nice in those xx


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i always wanted to look good in jeans and a t-shirt or combats and a t-shirt lol so i am easily pleased


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Mine will be skinny jeans, long boots and a fitted top for the casual look and I would LOVE to be able to wear a dress (either sleeveless (which I've never worn as an adult) or something a bit short with tights and boots underneath :)

I don't want my ex back but would LOVE to walk into our local bar with him not having seen me for 3/4 months looking absolutely amazing....... it's one of my main motivators for doing the diet :):):)


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I have a Monsoon dress that I've been keeping, so I'd love to get into that. And I'd love to be able to wear skinny jeans again as I used to 1989-1994 when I did the full rock chick thing. Then I thought I was too old, then I got too big so I'll just go for it big time when I get to goal!


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a beautifully fitted dress for my best mates wedding (my DH is best man) in the end of September....I have seen a couple i like, but the one i LUST after is bright red (which i thought would contract wonderfully with the black and white theme!).....
Its amazing, but i will have to be a maximum of a size 12 all over to buy it!


Slimming down the aisle
I have three!! lol

I want to wear this one, with leggings and heels. It's my nice but not too dressy dress! I got it for £2.50 inc postage on ebay!

Then there's this one, which I'm planning on being my dress I wear for Christmas! Again, ebay, was about a fiver inc postage!! I've actually hung this up on my bedroom door to act as motivation to just keep going until I get to goal!

And this is the final dress I got from ebay, under a tenner inc postage! The picture really doesn't do it justice to be honest. It's really lovely, is kind of velvety with glittery pattern on it, but the top is boned so should look great! This is what I plan to wear for NY :)

I've just realised, three dresses! I don't really do dresses and skirts at the moment, special occasions only, and even then, only rarely. And here I am buying three already for goal! I think I might turn into a bit of a dress fiend!!! hehe :D
they are lovely dresses, when we get to goal we will be the best dressed people in the country after years of wearing unflattering baggy clothes i know ill be going mad shopping xx


I WILL be thin!!
I have a size 12 bikini to try and get into for my holiday in October and some other beachwear. I WILL get into a size 12!


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Hi all,
This made me smile so much- my goal outfit has changed so many times, but when I finally got into the ULTIMATE goal dress, which I had hanging unworn in my wardrobe for two years in an 'inspirational' size, I was so happy I can't tell you.
I've just uploaded some pics of it- I wish I could wear it every day!

bring on those skinny jeans, everyone!

I really want to have a little black dress that I will look good in. I think I have only ever had a couple of little black dresses. Last one I made into a latin dress. It's a size 12 but stretchy. I can get in it now but I would love to wear it and look slim in it. When I reach goal my LBD will be short. This is because I have not 'done' short since my teens and I want to be able to show off my legs then too. May even wear the red shoes Letty! Or my leopard print stilletoes, or my Alda stilletoes, or my diamante stilletoes........yeah ok I like shoes but who doesn't when you don't enjoy shopping for clothes? That's going to change!


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Go with the red!
I would love to wear a pair of denim short shorts.. probably the cut off style :) with a nice summery top with no sleeves and my arms looking slim and toned :) and some nice little flats or sandels.. for my holiday in september. I have big thighs and a small--ish waist.. so i can never get denim shorts to fit... ever. Its my dream :) lol

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