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Target set at chemist too


a new way of living!
well today at my weigh in (whoop whoop now lost 20lbs in total) I spoke to pharm about my target weight. I said I wanted to get to 120lbs, (8st 8lbs) and he said ok but no lower as that puts me at bmi of 21.3, so we agreed that i may consider refeeding at 9st, and lose the rest on maintenaince, although i did warn him that i may change my mind by then!

but at least we have agreeded a target together, so no surprises later!

Also, that means i only have 2st 1lbs to lose before getting to 9 st, so that equates to 9.5/10 weeks on trf before i can refeed - going on my 3lb per week loss. :D:D:D

I thought about food a lot last week, so having an end in sight really helps, i am over a third of the way there!!


picked up a refeed sheet for when i get to target so i know what to expect.

soo excited now, it will come around quickly i'm sure - mid october here i come!!
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AWESOME BABE! You are doing really well and ive no doubt u will hit u goal! xox


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Very good having a target to reach for.

It makes a difference doesn't it having a good relationship with your chemist.

Love Mini xxx


Says it as it is!!!
Well done hun...ooo we are striving for the same weight...but i intend to do it all on TFR one way or another :)
That's great news!
The lady at my pharmacy is lovely! She's a real laugh too. She came to work last week with no shoes on lol
I will talk to her tomorrow about setting my goal weight. I am now wondering if 10.01 is not low enough?
October is not that far away!
Trish x
I'v had to post this here as it wouldn't let me post a new thread??

I weighed 17st 12lbs at my initial weigh in my chemist said my target should be 11st i thought maybe a little bit more what do you guys think? my height is 5ft 7. Will they make me stop LT at 11st?


a new way of living!
hi jl, depends on your bmi, if its heading towards 20/21 they may stop you, if its closer to 25 then i think you can argue the point to lower it. good luck!

by the time you get there you may find you are happier anyway, you may want to change it as you get closer, either up or down.

and thanks everyone for your encouragement! :D:D:D

oooh think i will do a countdown calander now!!!

the only question is, WINTER??? will i miss my 'fat duvet' when the cold weather comes????
I told my chemist what my target weight is and she is fine with it. I haven't discussed with her what would happen if I change my mind nearer the time.

Great news for you MsBlonde. We ill be on here together for that time as I reckon I should be at target by November. Just in time to cover up our new bodies with lots of extra layers!!!! Lol!!!!



a new way of living!
yaaaay we'll end up racing like julz and nic! already 'challenged' lisa lisa and told her to be good on holiday!!

hope she's having a fab time! and being good!!
There is a lot to be said for the evil of sparkling water me thinks! Last year I started a bit of a health kick when buying new scales and finding out I was 16st 7! In 3 months of sensible eating and far more regular/strenuous exercise (but not following any particular diet plan) I lost 2 stones, which was a great start. However, I "hit the wall" and despite continuing to eat smaller portions, lots of exercise - I didn't lose any more, and steadily started to gain pound by pound, to the point where I was 15st 12 just a couple of weeks ago. About the time the weight-loss stopped I started drinking fizzy water, as was bored with still. So, putting 2 and 2 together, whilst I know it is not entirely because of the fizzy water, but I do think it had a big part to play in halting the weight-loss and leading to weight-gain! AVOID!!!


a new way of living!
its really weird, i can see how sparkling water can do that, but it seems to going on what people say. i am experimenting and drinking sparkling water, and will do all week now and see if i get the same problem.

being of a scientific nature i have to test it out for myself!!
i had been losing 4lbs every single week up until then sometimes 5 but last week 'first week on sparkling water' i lost 2lb and have had alot of the sparkling water throughout the weekend and have gained a apound apparently.....just going to finish this bottle tonight then not buy anymore for the rest of the week and see if it makes a difference, maybe my body is in shock as it hasnt been anywhere near fizzy drinks for 22 weeks then i start to fill it with it lol almost 2 and half litres of it yesterday plus my normal 2 litres of still ! we shall see on friday if i cut it out from tomorrow xxxxxx


a new way of living!
yeah its interesting - we will resolve it! through experimentation! lol
Sorry Blondie.. missed your thread - well done with this weeks W|I a great milestone ticked off - a bit of negotiation required with Chemist |I think - I'm looking forward to the day when I have that convo with mine xx


a new way of living!
Sorry Blondie.. missed your thread - well done with this weeks W|I a great milestone ticked off - a bit of negotiation required with Chemist |I think - I'm looking forward to the day when I have that convo with mine xx
it wont be long I'm sure! :D

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