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Target SMASHED - on refeed!


I've got the power
Hi boys and girls!

I decided to do my 'official' weigh in at home today as I don't want to go to the chemist anymore if I can avoid it.
I was feeling pretty optimistic but I never expected to lose 4lb on refeed week! That's more than I lost on some LT weeks, how confusing.

Anyway, that means I am now 2lb under my original target, I am now 9 stone 9 pounds!!!! :D:eek::D:eek::cool:
I think I might get that printed on a T-shirt I'm that chuffed to see a 9 at the beginning instead of a 13!

If someone had told me that within 4 months I'd be a size 10 with a grin on my face and spare money in my pocket (LT stopped my daily trips to the corner shop for mags, fags and um, crisp bags lol), I would have thought they were having a cruel joke at my expense. But it's true!!!
God I'm full of the joys today! :)
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Says it as it is!!!
Well done hunni......Go girl....bet it feels great...get that T~Shirt hun, i would!!!!


Regular Member
Well done hunny. That is a fab loss.xx
Absoluly Amazing Skink, you have won the battle of the bulge!!!!

Well done that is really good news your exactley where i want to be
Great news I hope I do the same, well done babe xxxx


I've got the power
:D you are all so nice! Burberry12, do we have the same goal weight then, I can see you're doing really well- a dress size down already!
LOL Nic, shall I get that printed for a laugh? I might wear it next time i see my brother (he didn't approve of the diet)!

And as for you Gaz, you know damn well you'll be at target weight, with a strong will like yours there's no 'hope' about it! (Yes I did say WILL not WILLY)
im really pleased for you a BIG well done x
that's fantastic and spurred me on to reach the same target!


Gold Member
Aww well done hun thats fab! xxx


Gold Member
Amazing loss for refeed! Well done skinny!


Loving LT!!!
Thats fantastic, WELL DONE, I can't wait, I see and end in sight now, you show em with your T-shirt!!!
T x
yay you!!! another great success story!!!!!!!!

Bet you look HOT!!!!!!!

Well done, that is fantastic.


soon to be minnie mouse
well done and your in the 9's that's my target. i bet you look great

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