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    Has anyone adjusted their target down to compensate for glycogen replenishment at the end and if so, by how much? I didn't allow for it the first time round and it was really disheartening to put pounds on really quickly after coming off plan - even though I reintroduced food extremely carefully particularly carbs. I was thinking I might be better off adjusting my target weight down lower than I eventually want to be to allow for this gain. I know it isn't fat going back on and that I will look no different, but psychologically it affected me putting those glycogen pounds back on as you can tell from this extract from my RTM diary from 4/5 years ago:
    " I am sooooo peed off, I got on the scales and am 7lb heavier than at my lightest a couple of weeks ago.
    I know I haven't been a saint, but I also know I haven't consumed 24,500 extra cals over the past 2 weeks. I am still not even on to big boy carbs yet.
    I do think some of this will be glycogen going on, and maybe a little bit of muscle as I have upped the exercise and started trying to build upper body strength.
    But how much? Can the above paragraph account for the whole 7lb?
    Have I put fat on? will the scale continue to go up? How much should I be eating? It is tempting to restrict cals to 800 but in my heart of hearts that feels wrong. So what, 1000? 1200? terrified if I go over that then I will steadily gain.
    HELP! I feel really confused. I have been picking - but as there is not much in the house to pick at I am confident that even on one bad day I didn't have more than 1500 cals. I have mostly been consuming around 1000."

    Hmm, I think I will have a read of the Exante website to see what RTM support there is (was none when I did this first time round!) and have a ponder.
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  3. Thornhill Cate

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  4. If at first..

    If at first.. Well-Known Member

    That is great thanks Cate - just the sort of thing I was looking for. My target is also 11 stone so like you I will aim to get to 10st 7lb so that when the glycogen refills, I'll end up at my target rather than 7lbs above it a week or so later like last time!. I suppose you have to pay for that massive first week loss some time, you know at the time it isn't all fat but the majority glycogen & water but it's such a boost. x
  5. TessToo

    TessToo Is on a mission

    I think it is very important to take your measurements by tape measure too as this won't be so affected by glycogen and will give you a little boost when you realise you haven't regained weight (as in fat) just glycogen and water weight. xx
  6. SuperNova

    SuperNova Well-Known Member

    I have re started AGAIN today and I am going to adjust my target by 7 pounds

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