Tash86 - Never too late to start a Diary!



Not really sure how to start these things but here goes:

Vital Statistics:

Start weight: 15stone (BMI 41)
Current Weight: 10 stone 10lb (BMI 28)
Target Weight (To move into management): 10 stone - (BMI 26)
Actual Target Weight: 9 stone - 9 stone 7lbs (BMI 23-25)

Dress Size Before: 20/22
Dress Size Now: 12/14
Dress Size Aim: 12

Age: 20
Occupation: Student - but a working one!! (she says as she uses her working day to type on here!)

I should probably have all my measurements and stuff but I don't have them with me - will post them later - I also have some before and after pics but not quite sure how to upload them!!

Will try and sort it!

Tash xx
So, the Diary

Ok, so on the actually diary side of things!!

I had a major blip at the weekend and put on 4lbs but after 3 days of SSing have lost it- yey!!

I'm Ssing today and then starting an AAM week tommorow as going to stay with bf for the weekend and have a work dinner on Thurs of next week!

This probably isn't a very good time to start a diary really as I will be buggering off til Tuesday but I want fashion advice!!

Ok, so - met bf parents last time I went to stay - they were lovely! I had seen his dad briefly about 6 months earlier and he asked bf if i was ill!! (As I was about 3 stone lighter!)

However - the real test this weekend is meeting the friends!! Now I have always refused up until now to meet them - as I was always worried that I was too fat. Now I am much smaller obviously, but in the trendy world of 20 year old brightonions (sp!) I fear I'm probably still quite huge!! But I'm saying sod it and going for it - the real dilema is what to wear?!!

I'm leaving work early today to go and find something and was thinking about a pencil skirt with heels in a sort of 50's retro style but wondered if that would be too dressy?! Its my bf's best friends birthday and were going for sushi (I will not be having rice I have already checked the menu online and they do steamed chicken and veg!) and then out for drinks and probably to a club. I also thought about jeans a dressy top and heels (I need heels I'm short!) as this would be more casual but what if everyone is dressed up?!

Really want to make a good impression as his male friends are really important to him and you know what female friends are like - thier bound to hate me!!! There a really close knit group and I don't think they take particularly well to outsiders!! Plus have never been thought of as hot and would love his male friends to say something along the lines of 'well done mate' or 'how did you manage that?!' (A girl can dream!! :p)

On the Saturday were going to see the football in Coventry with his dad (norwich away) so thats easy I can just wear jeans and my shirt!

But - on the Sunday were going to the pub for a bit of dinner and the quiz and I was thinking black skirt thick black tights and a slouchy jumper for that - yeah, I just threw this on but look good look?!!

Anyway - any fashion advice would be greatly recieved!!
Hi Tash!

Firstly - that's the beauty of Brighton, you can be who you want to be without anyone else thinking that what you are wearing doesn't look right! I never worry about what I look like in Brighton coz you are bound to always see plenty of others looking worse than you! If there's one placec in the world that you should never put yourself down about the way you look then it's Brighton! That's why I love it so much! ;)

Secondly - I like the sound of the 50s look! Very sexy and very now! Why not show off your new bod a bit and get your bfs mates drooling!! :eek: :D I wouldn't say that that was too dressy.

As for Sunday and the pub thing, thick tights, skirt and slouchy jumper sounds super cool! I just love thick tights!

Let us know how you get on, and good luck with the ssing/AAM!!

And just remember - you're going out with your bf, not his mates! Don't let them make you think you're not worthy of him - I know how that feels!

Love Sarah x
Hi Sarah!

Thanks for your post - I'm swaying towards the 50's look too mainly because I've seen some killer shoes that I desperately want to buy (I'm a bit of a shoe addict - I shouldn't be allowed anymore!)

Thick tights hide a multitude of sins too! My short stubby legs actually look quite long and lean encased in a pair of black tights (or so I keep telling myself anyway!)

So excited - under 2 hours left at work (actually been quite productive today for a change!) then a major speed shopping session (i'm terrible I have to see what is in every shop before I can purchase anything then end up running back 5 minutes before they shut to be faced by glares from the shop assistants desperate to go home!) then off home for a exfoliation, leg tanning, waxing, face masking beauty session!! I don't know if you'll be the same as me - but I tend to do this ritual every time I'm seeing my fella the next day when I haven't seen him for a while - I know i'll look the same but it makes me feel better!!

Hope your having a good day!

Tash xx
Hi Tash!

Well.................how did it go??? I want to know details!! What did you wear, what did the friends think??!! :confused: :D :confused:

I'm sure you had a great time hun!

Sarah x
Hoping it went well and you were the envy of all his friends. Glad Sarah helped you with the fashion advice - i need a trinny and suzannah so i'm no good to ask!!! ;)