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Taste of shakes!


Working on it
Anybody else find the Strawberry one tasteless!? and I don't like the chocolate at all! The banana is ok, didn't think I was going to like it but its alright and as yet haven't tried the vanilla one but I figure I'll just chuck some coffee in it if I don't like the taste!

Any advice for any flavourings that can be added at all? x
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I really struggled with the strawberry one when I 1st tried it after doing Lipotrim and avoided it, but after 2 weeks i tried it again and found it ok, maybe its just a case of your taste buds changing. x


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I add strawberry flavouring and a tablet sweetner to my strawberry ones and they taste great now :)


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I cannot stand the s'berry one on its own. I tried adding coffee to it and it has improved the taste. I also add coffee to the choc and vanilla. Bananas the only one i have in its pure state, surprised me though as i thought this would be the one id have problems with!!
The first time I tried strawberry it was horrible but now it is ok but I have to add sweetner. I love the vanilla and chocolates ones but make the choc with hot water and it makes a scrummy hot choc. Banana is Ok but not my favourite. Shame I don't like coffee!


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I chuck 2 sweeteners in them all and I actually really really like them! I'm not keen on chocolate but it's not horrible, I choose not to drink it really :)
I love the banana one I think it tastes like angel delight. I don't really like the others.

I may try the choc one with cold mint tea, that worked a treat on LT

I always add a least 1 sweetener to them though
For someone who used to have a very sweet tooth, I actually find them alright! I did think the vanilla one was like drinking cake mix though lol
Mixed coffee with my vanilla today after reading this, scrummy! Will definitely try that with the other shakes too... shame it wouldnt work with the horrible tomato soup!
TeeferTiger said:
For someone who used to have a very sweet tooth, I actually find them alright! I did think the vanilla one was like drinking cake mix though lol
I think that too! Really liked it at first, now have to down it and try not to gag lol
How do you do the vanilla with coffee? Do you make up a cup of coffee and let it go cold then make the shake?
I made mine by mixing a little bit of hot water with one teaspoon of coffee and one sweetener, then chucked that in with the shake. Would be really good with crushed ice too like a prooper iced coffee... yummy might have to dig out the old food processor!
I found the strawberry ones tasteless. But then I added 7-8 canderel tablets to the shake and blended it with ice cubes and it tastes awesome! Like a lovely sweet milkshake! Give it a try? :) x

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