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Hiya everyone

I am deciding which way to turn for another new year !!!!

I have done cambridge and lighterlife and must admit the cambridge shakes are my favourite taste wise.

Has anyone done cambridge or lighterlife and can compare the taste of the eante shakes and texture.

Just been looking on line and i can get a months supply of the sweet shakes for £100. Dont wanna order them if i cant drink them.

I know we are all different but just an idea of the similarity would be good.

I cant stand the soups though yeuch!!!

ANy advice will be much appreciated.

Thanks everyone x x
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Hiya I can't advise of how the shakes compare to other vlcd's but all I can say is that I find all of the sweet shakes very nice. I hope you give it a go and join our exante family. x
Hi Wobbly, I too have done Lipotrim, CD and a few others and I recently tried Exante. Personally, I didn't like any of the shakes - too bland and wishy washy for me and the strawberry and banana were very synthetic in taste. I have now gone back to dietimeal as a cheaper alternative, as I can choose what I want, and they are much nicer. That is only my personal tastes though honey, and others appear to love the Exante shakes x


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I did CD in the past, personally I like exante shakes more that CD. It is personal taste but if you look down the forum most people like the cold shakes. the one I struggled with I have just discovered that I can flavour it with cinnamon and it goes down well. good luck
ooohhh quick replies Ilike it ....

I dont know what to do. I am a diet nightmare, i need to do this though.

I am 40 this year and we need a holiday abroad which i have been putting off for a few years...

I know i need to just get on with it. My hubby has the big 4 0 in april, i could have a canny bit of weight shifted on a VLCD by then With slimmin world i will be lucky to have lost a stone!!!

£100 fr the month is fab, is this always the same or is it a new year offer??

Ideffo need help and this board seems so lively.....


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........it has been that price for ever so I don't think it will change anytime soon. Good luck xx


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I think there's a week variety pack that you could get just to try them all out, and decide whether you like it or not, and whether you'd prefer shakes or soups or a mixture with bars too.

I did Lighter Life previously (about 2 years ago), and I get on really well with these too. The tomato and basil on here is similar to the tomato on LL (If I recall correctly) and I'm not a big fan. However, the other 3 soups are really creamy and I like them a lot more.

The shakes on this are good, and I enjoy them hot & cold. When I was on LL, I used to mix them up with ice and the LL went quite gloopy. I don't find these ones quite so gloopy, but still I enjoy them. However, as you'll see from the 'which is your favourite flavour' poll, everyone's different, so who knows what you'll make of them!

If you did well on CD & LL, I think you'd probably do well on this one too.

The special £100 offer, always seems to be there for a month's supply.


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When i did CD 2 yrs ago i couldnt stand any of the shakes, all i had was choc tetras! But on exante i like them all, so it really is down to personal taste, buy the weekly pack and make your own mind up on your fav x


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I have had some of the Cambridge Diet, but actually preferred the LighterLife chocolate, banana and strawberry. I did not like the other LL flavours - Caramel and Vanilla, but overall I did like the LL shakes and soups a little better than CD, so that may give you an idea of my taste preferences. I did not try any of the CD tetra packs.

I have just started Exante. The reason was down to cost and convenience of buying them online. I think the LL/CD shakes are nicer. I really didn't like the Exante chocolate at all, yet I loved the chocolate flavours in other VLCD diets.

Exante don't seem to be so sweet, so perhaps it's all part of re-educating our tastebuds. If you prefer them to be sweeter, apparently you can add a sweetener tablet when mixing. I find any brand of VCLD shakes hard to drink unless I add plenty of ice to the shakes to make them into a smoothie.

The Exante Mushroom, Vegetable and Thai Chicken flavours are quite creamy and I do like them. I don't like the Exante Tomato and Basil soup, but I also hated the CD tomato soup.

I found the Exante bars really yummy. Better than any other VCLD bars than I had.

It's all down to personal preference, so I would agree with the rest and get a week's pack, or buy one of everything from the Exante site.

BTW, I do have a cold at the moment, so I can't tell you how anything smells.

The problem with Exante is that they don't let you choose your preferred flavours in the bumper packs. You just get a set number of each flavour. With LL you can ask for your preferred soups/shakes and bars. As I continue my weight loss journey I may change to another brand such as LL or CD as I fear I will end up with loads of Exante soups and shakes that I just don't like, and that will work out just as expensive.

Hope this helps.

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I have just started Exante this week after doing CD 3 times in the past. I have 2 weeks of CD yet to use so have been doing so this week. I have tried 3 of the Exante products - orange and chocolate bar, toffee and raisin bar and just now for lunch, my first strawberry shake.

I have to say that CD are by far better than Exante (for me). The bars smell absolutely horrible, they remind me of lard. The shake was too thick even though I used over 400ml of water. I haven't tried a soup yet and am not looking forward to it.
Hey ive previously done Cambridge diet and altho there shakes were perhaps a bit tastier i really enjoy the exante shakes too. For the price difference its well worth it. Theres none of them i would say were horrible...and i actually look forward to them. xx


Skinny girl in a fat body
S: 14st7lb C: 12st11lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 29.8 Loss: 1st10lb(11.82%)
Oh yeah, there's no disputing the fact that for the cost the difference in taste is worth it :) - even if I had to plug my nose and glug it down I would !!!

Judging by the amount of people moving from LL and CD due to cost - maybe LL and CD are pricing themselves out of the market??
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I prefer the taste of cd shakes but the exante ones are ok.Not as sweet as the cd shakes and a bit blander but still drinkable.


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As long as they go down they're just a means to an end, just think how great plain old fruit and veg will taste after!
Hey Mia, ur right hun, so right. I was answering the original post, didnt notice your post til now. Looks like i was contradicting everything you said...which i wasnt....oops! I generally skim the posts til i have time to read replies later on lol xx

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