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Taster Nights at Group


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Hi everyone

Just wondering.. if there's a taster session on at class, do you usually take something along? And if you didn't have anything to take would you still stay for class?

We've had 3 taster nights since I started and the class shrinks from about 40 people down to about 15 on taster nights! The last one we had I didn't even know about it as I hadn't stayed the week before, so I didn't have anything with me but I stayed anyway.. is that cheeky? lol

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I always take something for taster nights.

It does annoy me when people enjoy the taster nights but don't contribute even though they know to bring something. However, you do find it's the same people who stay & don't bring anything:rolleyes:

If somebody didn't know there was a taster night & stayed, it wouldn't annoy me.


Not evil at all
All the folk at my class turn into vultures at taster nights! And you know those rude people in shops who barge past you to grab the last thing on a shelf? Well I get quite annoyed and just hang back until the tables quiet so usually don't get to enjoy much of the food! Does seem to be the ones who didn't bring anything that take all the food!

I was also wondering why people don't stay? Is it because they don't want to have to bring something? Or more because they never and don't want to appear rude by staying??
I think I've always taken something except once when I didn't realise we were having a taster. However I don't tend to taste any of the food either unless my wife insists as something tastes really nice. I've never actually thought about the people who don't bring anything, but thinking about it now, it does always seem to be the same people who don't bring anything and are always first up for food :rolleyes:


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We had a taster evening a couple of weeks ago, it seemed a particullaly small group that week. but everybody who stayed brought something. It was nice really the group being smaller as we all got to chat to each other.
It was themed .... meals on a budget.
Our taster nights are great. Most people bring something, but no-one objects if people who haven't contributed stay and taste the food.

To be honest, most people are proud of the food they have brought, and want everyone to try it. There is sometimes a bit of a scrum at the table, but there is always enough for everyone.

People are very good about typing or writing out recipes so we can all go home and make the food for ourselves.
Ive seen 2 taster nights during my time at class, and haven't stayed for either because I didn't bring anything. But also if I'm honest I'm not too keen on eating things I haven't cooked myself or don't know what's in them - my class don't seem to label things very well.
I always ask what is in the dish if it is not clear from an attached recipe. This is because I don't like very spicy things, and cannot abide curry at all.

No-one seems to mind being asked!
I took the syn free KFC to the first taster class I went to, and it gets mentioned EVERY single week. EVERY WEEK. Its like I have become some sort of Jamie Oliver cookery guru. God knows what I will top that with next time. A couple who usually attend didnt show up coz the consultant had joked about them having to bring one of their excellent lasagnes, and they forgot all about it. It was a particularly quiet night that night, I have to say.
I have had two taster nights since i started class in April, the first one I knew about, but as I am new to home cooking (easier to shove a ready meal on when doing shifts, lol!) I didnt bring anything in. Last night, there was a "beach party" themed taster night which, as I hadnt stayed for the last two meetings, I didnt know about. They also had a limbo dance in aid of the local hospice, however, although I stayed for the meeting, I didnt take part in the limbo as I felt guilty that I had no money on me :( (and felt even guiltier for going home!), I also never stay for the tasting as I think its much better to go home and have a proper meal.
I do find the taster evenings are so useful because there are quite a few SW things which I hear mentioned that I think I probably wouldn't like and it is an ideal opportunity to find out! Generally I find I was right all along, but occasionally I find something that I wouldn't have thought was to my taste, but was.

But also I like them because there is more time to chat to other people while you are waiting with your plate. Actually, because I talk so much I tend not to eat a great deal, so I do go home to that proper meal as well!
I love taster nights and when i was a member before contributed (not had chance this time yet) i like to take something in my slow cooker as i can just grab it when i get in from work and take it easy no excuses :)

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